A free world via your Twitter account – Kitely [EDITED]

My world, Ba Doom, was born today in Kitely ! I used my Twitter account to set it up so I can allow my Twitter followers to visit it for free if I upgrade later. I need to explore the world a bit more first.

The region is open for public visits but you have to use your own minutes in Kitely as I only have a freebie account so far. If you register you will get 120 minutes on your freebie account. Its also possible to close the world to others than your Twitter or Facebook friends if you log in via these services. So its very smooth! (Use the tag *Kitely* to read earlier postings about this world).

Welcome to region Ba Doom (use search to find it), the swedish archipelago. Congrats on your birthday little sim <3

DS The first region in Second Life was Da Boom on the old mainland Sansara ;)


6 Comments to “A free world via your Twitter account – Kitely [EDITED]”

  1. Hi Mera,

    It’s great to see that you have your own world on Kitely and are willing to provide access to it from your own balance :-)

    There is, however, a slight problem with your approach that is likely currently preventing people from being able to enter your world. Following is some background that will hopefully make it clear why:

    Kitely uses two forms of currency: Minutes and Kitely Credits (KC). Minutes are used to pay for the time you spend inside virtual worlds. For each minute you spend in a world we subtract one Minute from your account. Your Minutes are non-transferable and can’t be shared with other users. This means that the Minutes you got from being on the Free Plan (or on any of the premium plans) can’t be used by your visitors even if you are willing to share them.

    That’s where KC come in. Normally, visitors to your worlds are charged Minutes out of their personal accounts, and you pay nothing. However, if you wish, you can enable other users to visit your worlds for free by covering this charge yourself. To do so, Edit the world, switch to the Access tab and set the price for the group of people you would like to subsidize to Free. When you do so, the selected group of visitors will pay nothing to visit that virtual world: instead, 1 KC per visitor will be deducted from your balance each minute that they remain in that world.

    The problem is that the Free Plan doesn’t include any KC so there are none in your account that can be used to cover your visitors’ costs. Therefore, because the world is configured to be free for your Twitter followers and you have no KC to cover their usage fees in their place, it means that none of your followers will actually be able to enter your world.

    For additional info see: http://blog.kitely.com/2012/02/02/billing-system-finally-in-place/

    To enable your Twitter followers to visit your world, I suggest doing one of the following: upgrade to a premium account and get KC in the process, buy KC separately, or set your world so that all visitors will cover their own costs out of their own account balances (please remember that they each get at least 120 Minutes / month due to being on a free or premium account).

    • LOL! Poor Ilan!! Lucky me you read my blog when i mess up!! I need a mentor :O) I have edit it now and will change the blog too :)) thanks!! xxxx

  2. Thanks to blog Mera, Now, I can try know Kitelys Virtual World. A cool place to build and develop!. Who knows, I hope we can meet in there near the future!.

  3. Thank you Xpontaneus,

    It’ll be a pleasure to have you on Kitely :-)

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