More drama in Sugarloaf

Just as I was happy about my home I got me a glowing PINK neighbour on a 128 spm parcel next to me! =))) GOSH! So I had to build me a tower and a wall to not have to use sunglasses 24/7. But this new pink stuff pissed my other nice neighbour off (he also built a tower and a wall) so he wrote this on the village notice board:

“A giant full bright, advertising wall has appeared towering above the village green in Sugarloaf. The object is owned by a person named ping.sixpence who also appears to have set the land for sale at an unreasonable price (often done to force people to buy the land in order to remove the visual disruption). In addition to this it appears this person is encrouching one of the resident’s land with another object on the platform. The incident has been reported to Linden Labs.”

(Sixpence is an old landlord in SL, this is his alt account).

To be continued?

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2 Comments to “More drama in Sugarloaf”

  1. I’m so sorry to see this type of thing done. Sometimes the structures are borderline, but the intent is always to grief. I hope LL responds. Keep us updated.

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