Reinventing the cities of Second Life

We always thinks of the years 2006-2008 as Second Lifes “golden years but read this from 2007: “Hula-hula no longer helps: The virtual world of Second Life is depopulating.” (FAZ of August 9, 2007). And its virtual companies are closing shop. “Abandoned company islands and empty program plaques and displays characterized the view, as the ‘Los Angeles Time’ reports

A competition was launched and the competition brief was stating; “The goal of the competition is to find new approaches to positively shape and qualify the shrinking of Second Life: Can data garbage be recycled? Can abandoned plots of land in Second Life be erased? Or can they experience a third life with digital agriculture? Should the virtual world be reformatted? Or the remaining avatars be cloned? What happens when Linden Lab files for bankruptcy? Where will the former users of Second Life migrate?

Now its time to rethink again. There was a lot of awesome ideas in this competition amongst the participants (ex Florian Schmidt) and I wonder if Linden Lab has forgotten about this? We all know about those half empty continents and all those empty islands floating around. People in virtual worlds are like peoples in real life, they wants to mix. There is not enough “cities” in Second Life. And the cities must not look like cities in RL but they need to be pretty. They need to be located on mainland with protected roads and water ways so people can go between different places of interests without TP – just explore by car or boat.

I moved to a sort of a city in Second Life where I enjoy myself a lot. I searched a long time to find a place with nice neighbours and a pretty area but with protected roads around so Mainland was a must. We have issues all the time as irl. Sometime a bus get stuck across the road and no one can pass by. My neighbours (delazouch ashby) house was burning the other day and he had a very pretty tree on the yard. But today I saw his tree was set on fire too. He sat by it, looking gloomy. It must have been that thunderstorm roaming around the area and the lightning must have hit that awesome tree.

These events are examples of how to make a living city. Maybee LL need to be a little more inventive too. Maybee they should induce an earthquake? Or a bad contagious bug as in WOW? Then we have to go to the market place to buy medicine to survive. Oh think about the sweet money Rod! =))

LL needs to address this issue again before its too late. Mainland falls into decay and expensive standalones are not the answer. People who wants privacy are moving to cheaper standalones in OpenSim instead. Linden Lab need to come up with an idea that divides them from OpenSim, otherwise they cant compete, the price is too high in comparison. Why not focus more on mainland, tidy it up and build a new kind of virtual cities where everyone wants to live and create communities. But how, and is this possible? Maria Korolov – hypergrid business; “Linden Lab had the potential to play the role of AOL for virtual worlds. However, the company dropped the marketing ball, allowing the media to decide what Second Life was all about” Read on, its brilliant: Mass adoption Read also from the SL forum: Mainland revamp


7 Comments to “Reinventing the cities of Second Life”

  1. I smiled. Instead of building cities to bring people together they built suburbs with the Linden Homes project.

  2. I really agree with your comments: “We all know about those half empty continents and all those empty islands floating around. People in virtual worlds are like peoples in real life, they wants to mix. There is not enough “cities” in Second Life.”

    One of the things I like about the Blake Sea is there is such a vital community within reach across a vast region. It’s too bad that Bay City isn’t part of that region.

    • Yordie; yes Bay City is nice indeed (even though they have some eye sores too but not that many). But you have Nautilus city in Blake Sea, thats about the same as Bay City isnt it?

      I have a neighbour who has built a marvellous little village near Isabel Info HUB in Sugarloaf. The problem is that LL allows small parcels about 128 sqm in the middle of it so some ad farm person is able to destroy our peace here =( LL needs to shape up the covenant! Ads along the roads ok fine, but not in the middle of other bigger parcels….. and glowing screaming pink? O.o

  3. there’s no hope for Linden Lab imo – it continues to plod along with weird direction. with things like LittleTextPeople, what are they planning? it’s nothing that integrates with SL

    like the Avatars United purchase a few years ago, that never did anything except destroy a community of people that came from all sorts of games and worlds

    all that empty land will eventually poof because it’s a real server cost and someone will be a hero at the Lab for saving tons of money paying for empty servers . . .

    • Ener; I agree about the “poof”. They need to rebuild the stuff totally. I know, not easy when you have renters so it will take a lot of good internal PR which LL is so awesome at =)) *not* Well something has to be done, the world needs evolvement to survive and a rebuild is necessary now.

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