Use Kitely without Facebook

Friday 2nd of march I created an account on Kitely as it´s possible to use regular log ins now and not just Facebook. I didnt create a free world, i want to explore first. Maybee later I will try to create a world and upload my own oar. Atm im also on a lousy connection so im a bit “slow” =) Still, very exciting and I hope to have more time to explore later on.

But my exploring did cost me 43 minutes! Though i was on Lindas Free sim;

I lost 43 minutes anywho:

So im not sure why I “lost” minutes. But im new here so I guess I might have missed some information. [edit: see comments] Altho im sure I only visited free sims. You can find out how many minutes you have spent on the Kitely homepage under History if you are logged in. Atm I only have 77 minutes left to spend in world (with exception of “free” sims?).

Next day I went in world to Linda Kellies freebie sim again (pic) and did some shopping for my avie. There was only 2 avies on the sim and no lag whatsoever. Very smooth and everything was like in OsGrid and Second Life except I had to relogg to change sim. TP and HG will be implied later on. Read on in Kitelys blog:

“We are excited to announce that Facebook is no longer required in order to use Kitely. We now support two of the virtual world community’s most commonly requested alternative login options: using a Twitter account and using an email and password. We still support Facebook logins as well, but you are no longer required to use them.” ~ Kitely blog

Create your own world in just a click ~ Kitely homepage

Ener has joined too! Yay!

Skin by Linda Kellie
Hair by Linda Kellie (my own colour :O)
Shirt by Mera Kranfel
Shape by Mera Kranfel

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6 Comments to “Use Kitely without Facebook”

  1. Hi Mera,

    You visited two different copies of the “Linda Kellie Designs” world, one which is free and one which isn’t. If you press the world names in your history tab you’ll see that they lead to two different copies of the world that are manged by two different world managers. One of these world managers kept her world at the default configuration (i.e. visitors cover their own costs) while the other world manager set her world so that she’ll cover those costs herself and visitors to her world will be able to visit it for free:

  2. Ahhh thanks! Stupid me! As the regions was identical twins I missed they had different managers :))


    snap on the caps lock – i am excited though because i’m one step closer to meeting Mera!!!!!!!

  4. Thanks for the info, Mera. I’m poking around Kitely but haven’t entered yet. I can’t get much of a feel for it on the outside.

    • Yw Yordie! Its fun to explore other worlds. Kitely is a bit different than the rest when it comes to priceplan for example. Otherwise the world is Opensim and similar to SL that way. Still, other opensim worlds/virtual worlds are far from SL when it comes to socializing, events and physics. For a person coming from SL they will seem quite empty and it takes some effort to find people (the opposite of SL). But when you find people they might be very friendly indeed =)
      So I dunno how much time these worlds will need to take off so to speak.SL has a advantage with its size and LL could easily wipe out a lot of the walled garden grids if they were clever, im pretty sure of that. But competition is good and some of the other closed grids might find their own niche to live on. Lets hope so!

      And I will continue to explore Kitely. Yesterday I connected my Twitter account to Kitely – the world has some of interesting solutions like that.

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