This happy…

… iz me when Arch Linden dropped by and removed the script spam from the griefer! Yay! My neighbour told me Arch came by and fixed it shortly after we had reported it. Im impressed as they must have a lot of issues similar to this.


8 Comments to “This happy…”

  1. Good to hear that it got resolved so quickly.

  2. I can’t imagine why anyone would want to grief you, Mera but the world is so full of very small minded morons with nothing better to do than making other people’s lives a little less happy.

    I’m glad it got fixed quick.


    • Thanks Gaga u are so sweet! Griefers are small minded morons as you say with no life yes. I think this was more of a random attack, not directly pointing at me. Im not interesting enough im afraid :]

      Hugsss xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Glad you got it fixed! How do the griefers do that? I mean, what did it do? I am always a bit concerned about grief attacks, was there any way to prevent this one?

    • Well they often fins way to rezz their prims but you can at least use the option build “only for group” in about land. One of my neighbours just set his land for sale so he forgot to change. His land was open for public rezz. That might have helped the griefer :) Still you cant be totally safe anyhoo im afraid but it helps .

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