I don´t like mondays

Not when they start like this when I log in to my place for a coffee…It will be interesting to see how long time it takes for LL to remove this stuff :]

And vacation ends on tuesday =( Feel free to pity me :´(



12 Comments to “I don´t like mondays”

  1. Monday-blues.. got them as well.. Mostly since I am ridden by some sort of flu or cold…

    Have a nice day, as nice Mondays can get anyhow :)

    • Thanks! <3 Ouschie poor you!! Im at least on a snowy mountain for 2 more days so I shouldn´t really complain. Be well now and take care!! Hugsssss

  2. Ah.. My Monday just got over.. phew… lol. I hate Mondays..and love Saturdays :D

    • Good for you Kate! My favourite all times are fridays, even if I work some fridays. Its the LAST day before weekend and the start of freedom :))

  3. My monday is just starting (Drinks coffee) RL as is typical proves interesting. Two housemates with medical appointments on different parts of town. (chuckle)

  4. My favorite day would probably be Saturday as well. My RPG Gaming group meets then. Been hanging around with those lunatics for 20 plus years. A close second would be Friday since then I can be up late Friday night on IW doing stuff.

    • RPG Gaming group? sounds interesting!

      • Yep. Traditional Role Playing Gaming with Pens, Paper and Dice. The group’s name is ROOSAP (Royal Order of Strange Acting People). We started as a gaming group but our friendship and trust has grown to a point where we are also a bit of a Social group as well. We do the SF and Superhero RPGs ourselves. Not the fantasy ones. It’s also a wonderful breeding ground bad puns, jokes etc that people will chime in at a moment’s notice.

        An Example:

        Me: “Ok Frank, your on a two week vacation at this point. What are you doing?”

        FranK: “I’m on a little island getting away from it all.”

        Me: “Ok, what are you doing on the island?”

        Irish: “Getting voted off?”

        (chuckles all around)

        This gives you an idea of what typical session consists of. Oh there are indeed stories. Hehe.

  5. aww, but monday means a brand new week of Mera! what’s not to like about that! =D


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