Time to shrink our avies to get more prims? A building lesson that will help you save quite an amount of prims! Brilliant.

Pussycat Catnap's thoughts

Today’s blog gets right to the core of all the debates about scale in Second Life.

The ‘Resource Cost’ of mesh items appears to be directly connected to their -size- and not just complexity. The smaller the item you rez, the less it will cost.

This is something I’ve been noticing the more Mesh objects I get on my land.

From houses to furniture to plants to… whatever… the trend seems the same. I’m going to illustrate it with a dramatic example.

The LAQ Decor 100% Mesh Cottage:

I took this house and scaled it down to work for a ‘to scale avatar’ – making the doorway entrance 2.2 meters in clearance (the prim says 2.3, but it clears 2.2). Fitting a 7’2″ person.

Standard door size in the USA is 36″ x 80″, or 2.03m tall, so this new ‘smaller scale’ is still big. At 7’2″, it…

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  1. Granted “shrinking our AVs” is a tough choice – all of your pre-mesh rezzed content is going to make it a tough sell to go down this route, because even when you have a ‘mod’ couch, its easy to say ‘shrink it to match your mesh house’, but not so easy to do when you sit on it and find yourself in the wrong location… :)

    So its a weighing of options at this point – save a big amount of prims by shrinking the mesh stuff, but then go through the hassle of what to do over your non-mesh stuff vs. take the hit on how crazy-primmy some mesh stuff can be at the usual SL scale.

    I don’t expect anyone not-already-scaled-down to actually start scaling down now – more to get aware now, so that when the day hits in a year or so that you look around and find 80% of your home goods are mesh, you can say; OK, now it will be easy to do this and get half my prims back.

    • I see the problem but this was a really good heads up and the future looks bright when we can get half our prims back. I have always prefered small houses so for me it´s easy peasy :)) and avies has got far too tall anywoo :)

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