This Friday´s #FF blog from a Lady of Many Faces

“Yet I love change in just about every other way. In Second Life I made over 60 different avatars there since 2005. Most of them I never played. I just liked thinking up new  names and fixing up a new “doll” and the whole thought of starting a new life.” ~ From Basic Babble

Yes you had already guessed it maybee, this fridays #FF blog is Linda Kellies blog Basic Babble and her homepage I have known her since 2010 by different names both in Second Life, inworldz and OsGrid. She is one of the most generous people walking this Metaverse as she works continuosly and without any sign of fatigue to provide us with her wonderful freebies <3

Her blog is warm and personal and her homepage is filled with awesome stuff. Stuff you also can pick up at her freebie mall in OsGrid. (See her profile in OsGrid for LM). You can find her stuff in different virtual worlds from inWorldz, OsGrid to Kitely and im sure some some that im not aware of. But pick it up fast, any day she will move on :] Thanks a million Linda! <3

Linda homepage: “These are all my orginial creations. You can download these and use them in any opensim grid or in Second Life.”

She is a girl of many faces and she likes CHANGES like my first and foremost favourite:


4 Comments to “This Friday´s #FF blog from a Lady of Many Faces”

  1. Hi Mera,

    A complete list of Linda Kellie worlds currently available on Kitely can be found here:!search/q=linda+kellie

    As an example, her latest OAR file (at the time of this posting) can be visited here:

  2. AWwww I am touched that you would write about me. Thank you so much. And your quote of “But pick it up fast, any day she will move on :]” Shows that you know me so well. :) I’m working hard at keeping my webpage up forever and only making my changes in world. I see the webpage as a way for people to always have access.
    I so much appreciate the kind things you have said about me and your friendship as well.


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