So we who have last names in Second Life will continue to be exclusive…

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Yesterday Rodvik Linden published a big in depth post on the SL Forums explaining more about the Last Names issue. All I wanted to see was a timeline of the “baked plan” and for there to be a list of last names to choose from on the sign up page. Seems to be straightforward right?

I don’t really like the solution of the lab adding dashes or characters because I can’t see that working very well.  The Resident part of a name I agree needs to be removed completely but needs to be replaced with a last name like the old days. It’s a shame the lab could not work out a fast solution to this and now its going to be weeks/months until something changes on the SL signup page.

But back to the matter at hand. As I promised if we couldn’t figure out a way that was a win/win for folks…

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  1. I am disappointed too. I do remember the aggrivation at going through that long list of last names though. i was so lucky to have an odd first name and found a good last name. anyway, the dash is a slight improvement.

    • I have no clue how important this is for the SL experience. But yes it was fun to choose a name even though i picked the wrong sur name first time. Display names fixed that :)

      • I keep Display names turned on (mine is just Yordie), I figure it’s the name peple want to be known as anyway.

        The problem with display names is they’ve gotten rediculous. trying to find someone who’s changed their name to numbers and characters that represent alphabetical characters in a list of friends is really irritating. I have a pretty big friends list and about a dozen names like that appear.

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