Swiss cheese parcels in Second Life

If you want to buy a parcel in Lonsdale or Long Meg you might end up with a parcel looking like a swiss cheese. Look at the map. The former owner has cut out small squares in bigger parcels then abandoned the bigger ones. This way the land will be worthless for Linden Lab who cant sell it like this.

I have watched these sims for some weeks and nothing happens. I wonder how Linden will solve this? I have see it in other places too. Is this pure griefing or is this a way to ensure you wont have any ugly neighbours around? =))

Watch out for squares with other owners when u buy land. Even under water. Someting ugly might show up on it some day.

SLURL Lonsdale parcel

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2 Comments to “Swiss cheese parcels in Second Life”

  1. It’s a clever strategy to cut costs and still have no rowdy riffraff for neighbours, but the only real reason this is available as a tool is due to the resale value of land being so low (practically worthless in many areas) that you might as well just return unneeded land to LL.

    • Yes some areas with no protection and no water or other beautyful surrounding might be cheap. The main problem is too high tier level and maybee they need to cut down the amount of sims cos economics are not that good either nowadays…. and these kind of virtual worlds are not that hot anymore. They have to adjust.

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