Last names update #Second Life

Today Rodvik has posted this, regarding the possible return of last names…

“heh, nope been very engaged on the issue. I will respond tomorrow in full. I have learnt a LOT about the naming issue why things were changed. It is a very polarizing issue and finding a win / win for those who love naming freedom to those who love the bonding nature of pre picked names has proven impossible to do well. However I do have one feature we can commit to and a discussion going forward about another way to skin the cat. Will update tomorrow in more depth”

I read it in SL universe

Another BIG news was I altered my blog layout *yay* I was almost vomiting on the old one. The new one needs more fixing cos I dont have psp atm, only paint (omg) but it´ll have to do. I´ll fix it if I have the stamina…later….some day.


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4 Comments to “Last names update #Second Life”

  1. Oh, good to see an update coming!
    And I love the new blog theme! It’s so clean.
    I just changed mine today too. I’m going to work on my blogroll this week as well, and I know I need to update yours.

    • Thanks Whiskey! Though i want a prettier logo (the name) so Ill have to try to fix that =)

      Your blog is awesome and your new avie/SL profile pic! wow! xoxoxo

  2. Great improvements with the theme Mera – I agree with Whiskey. A very clean canvas on which to paint your colourful personality in words and pictures!

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