To feed hungry sharks


@wizardgynoid” – The SL Blogosphere was hungry for a new issue. Damn, it was like a feeding frenzy of hungry sharks there for a while. :D “

That is so true =)) As prolly everyone has noticed there has been a tsunami of blogs about the new rules LL set up against TPV, Third part Viewers. The whole blog sphere has been boiling. But be assured, this is not the end of the world as we know it.

I read it and I immediately liked what i read. I felt that before I read any other blog about it so I wasnt affected by any other person than LL. We actually had a little drama on Twitter regarding this as soon as we all had read LLs blog.  We had a discussion and after some hours I saw this in Twitter:

quote from @LadySakai to:@JimTarber oh you didnt hear the RaRa Team going “Its fine. LL is brilliant ” and bla bla

So now imma “RARA” I guess. I need to get me some equipment. As I am a inWorldz RARA too according to my friends when i support that grid. GOSH im busy cheerleding these days…

This is me?

Eventually LL will clean up the TPV mess. Yes TPV developers have done a lot of good, but remember “Emerald gate”….. LL need to take control. I have been amazed they didn´t react earlier. I never understood why they allowed all those more or less fishy TPVs. Everyone that knows me know how suspicious I was against Emerald, long before Emerald Gate. I never downloaded that client myself.

SL needs more stability. The world must behave predictable regardless what viewer the resident uses.

I will not write over again what other bloggers already did but far better than I can do, so Ill end it here. But remember not to blame Rodvik and his staff for what earlier CEO and board did. Give them a chance. I think they are on to something good. At least I hope so!

Links to interesting blogs regarding this issue:

Linden Lab

Marx Dudek

Inara Pey

Glorf Blog

@wizardgynoid quote Twitter:

“i notice that the TPV discussion ground to a momentary halt when Prok’s name came up.”

read on, The Great White Shark took a bite:

Prokofy Neva


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11 Comments to “To feed hungry sharks”

  1. Instead of running into some long spiel, I’m going to copy a poem by Francis Duggan..seems apt for what I’m reading here..

    Its called – A difference of opinions.

    A difference of opinions just means you and i
    On different subjects do not see eye to eye
    And who is wrong or right is not for me to say
    Since we do look at life in a different way.

    On any one subject all will not agree
    And what’s right to you may not be right to me
    If we all thought the same how boring we would be
    Though ’tis said what we dislike in others in ourselves we do see.

    ‘Tis our individuality from others that place us apart
    But what does matter most is you be kind of heart
    And you do not find joy in another’s downfall
    And you embrace the truth in a fair go for all.

    We are all individuals for want of a better name
    And even those with similar views not exactly the same
    Despite a common ancestry and similar D N A
    We all look at life in a different way.

    Of similar things many of us may dream
    But we all are quite different or so it does seem
    Though we can be judged by the company we keep
    The karma we sow is the karma we reap.

    • Oh gosh Alex that was beautyful :´) U comfort me. Its like this, I encourage my friends and readers to have different opinions than me. Its more fun cos then it will be a debate, and I like a good debate. As long as we treat each other with respect.

      It could be that persons who are shouting about Cheerleding, RARA or fanboys etc, in fact wants to have cheerleaders themselves :O)

      GOD that was deep! Time to sleep, hugzzzz! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Just to clarify what I meant in my first comment.

    Just because we don’t all agree on this issue of the TPV policy, it is absolutely no reason to break the friendships made online.

    Clearly it is an emotive subject, but folk need to just take a step back, a deep breath and calm down.

  3. i wanna be the friendly dolphin in the background who is coming to save the day.

  4. I’m with Alex on this. I completely disagree with parts of the new TPV changes. But I do think LL is *trying* to do good here. And we should acknowledge this and work with them to tune the policy so that it more accurately represents and benefits the users, not just LL. This is just an exercise in trying to grab and maintain complete control over an open source project.

    The problem is that they’re also screwing it up, because they aren’t valuing the TPVs, and their relationships with those TPV developers, as high as they should be. To me, Oz was downright abrasive and confrontation by prefacing the whole discussion with the talk of not anticipating any drama, or at least it won’t come from him. All of this comes from him. He was clearly expecting a negative reaction, and it is due to his actions here with this policy. There were a few places where he laughed at the hardship he was placing on TPV developers. And very patronizing as far as the chat window goes; he could have just ignored anything that scrolled and if someone still had a question, they could repeat it. He blamed people asking questions in chat for interrupting his train of thought. o..O Yet I understand what he’s trying to do here; see my opening paragraph.

    The policy goes too far. It should not stifle third-party innovation, during the period when LL has not yet adopted an innovation. It should more specifically state that third-party extensions to the shared common experience should not *negatively* reflect on other users, and if so, *then* the developers must wait until the official SL viewer catches up with that feature, so that those on the standard viewer are not impacted. However, that same kind of policy in reverse would have prevented the mesh release, since those without that feature certainly have a negatively impacted view of others wearing mesh, and mesh builds.

    Most people won’t mind the privacy protections being added. However in many cases here they will break existing features, viewers, and in-world products. I was appalled when he (or was it someone else) laughed a couple of times after his comments like “Yeah, we’re gonna break that.” In a couple of cases, his logic seems to be “well those scripts are already broken due to other changes we’ve made, so their developers (who may have since left SL) need to update them ANYWAY… so breaking them a second way isn’t really a problem.” That’s a lot like a criminal justifying a second crime because he’s already committed one; it doesn’t make it right; it just makes it harder to correct.

    I think it’s great that we get a lot of differing opinions. If we didn’t, those with open minds would never get the contrasting views that allow those opinions to grow and change and adapt. And I will never ever let it impact my friendships just because I disagree.

  5. @Alex; thanks and I agree :) xxxx

    @Jim; Thanks for your comment! I agree and of course I realise this is not a “halleluja moment” for a lot of people. But you have the right attitude and realises we need to have an “academid discussion” about this subject and not let our feelings take over. Cos if we get too emotional we loose our ability to think and next step we will destroy friendships. A viewer is not worth it, how much we love it or not. As I said yesterday in Twitter: “Its just a viewer issue, not the end of the world as we know it”

    To not recognize others opinions but to try to minimize them by mocking them is a power tool old bossy men often has used to their staff and esp younger women to keep them “in place”. I will not refrain to have my own opinion (in public even) cos of someone trying to play that trick on me, ever.

    And im sure you and Tranq will be in the same position now and then when you try to imply code to inWorldz grid that not everyone agrees on. If you “own” a product and believes in it sometimes you need to take actions that not everybody will applaud. SL belongs to LL, Its their product.

    I recognize what LL wants to achieve and I agree with it. Maybee they havent dealt with it the smoothest way, Oz may not be the right person to talk to the raging populace but still. Eventually they are doing something I feel is right and I have been bashing them a lot through the years.

    I have no crystal ball so I cant tell how this will come out in the end but I have hopes for the grid for it to survive and thrive. Its the nursery of all grids out there :)

    Peace and love <3

  6. Wizzy & Marx; there are NO friendly dolphins here! only feisty bloggers in a feeding frenzy (qiuote you here Wizzy ;)

  7. i seem to recall the SLCC where Oz was introduced. he had the same feisty (need i say arrogant?) combative attitude. his authoritative pronouncements about what was going to happen didn’t come about quite like he predicted. so we shall see won’t we.

    • Sorry to hear that Wizzy… he doesnt sound like the person I would use in a context like this if I was CEO but what do I know? I still have hope they will turn it to a good thing and dont “flush the baby down with the bath water” as we say in Sweden.

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