Pretty in Pink – not a fashion blog! :}

I was on a road trip the other day. I always keep an eye on the map. When i came to the sim Thayer suddenly all went pink. The pink monster had eaten all buildings, or is it a virus?

One of the pink “things” stood on a parcel for sale, 2380 sqm i think but only 550 LD! Protected road! GOD! With this awesome view and all.

And someone has been chewing on one of the yellow for sale parcels. It has a hole in it. Wonder what amazing things I will have in the middle of my parcle if I buy this one?

A wonderful fairytale castle lives a cramped life in the middle of all pink and white boxes

and a little church? I hope they love pink or magenta otherwise problem. So pink is the new “black” in SL? Wonder if its contagious? “O_O”

These pink and white building covers a large area so the amount of tier is major. This could have been a case of extortion where these persons wants to scare away ppl around so they can take over the whole sim or what is the purpose of it?? But they are selling some parcels cheap so I dunno? Anyone wants to have a guess?

Go see for yourself – SLurl: Pretty in Pink – Thayer

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And gawd Steve Tyler is hawt!

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