What´s your land worth? #OpenSim

One of my regions, Osgrid. The lovely shroom is created by Leanna Caerndow

I forgot to mention the most obvious in my posting “What´s your land worth?” the other day. My land in Opensim. Without Opensim I could never have fulfilled my dream of playing with a whole region or more. I have had regions in New World Grid as early as beginning of 2009. And I had a region in inWorldz that grew to a wonderful scandinavian community. This wasnt possible for me in Second Life cos of the high tier. Opensim is freedom for me and a place i draw back to when I need tranquility and peace. Its also the place where I most often build my stuff cos of the free uploads and few limitations on building tools.

I love my sims in OsGrid soo much and I should be more grateful for them cos Opensim is a “free” service, people work without payment for the grid. Still it works very very well. I will make donations to the grid cos i spend money in SL and I want to contribute to this cause too. Of course! (EDIT: done, making a monthly donation now).  I wouldnt wanna live my virtual life without Opensim and I suspect after SL is long gone Opensim will still be here for us <3

Thanks Gaga for reminding me xxx


8 Comments to “What´s your land worth? #OpenSim”

  1. *Hugs Mera this much =—————–\^_^/——————–= as she returns home*


  2. hmm, what is Enclave Harbour worth? that’s something my subQuark would need to answer – but he says my work is worth something like $30K and that if he did the same work as a corporate project (which he has done inSL and with sim-on-a-stick), then it would be worth more like $60K+ (hey, wait a sec??!)

    wow, who knew i had such value (now if i could pay my bills with that worth . . .) =p

  3. nope, he says the blog and twitter distract me!!! =D

  4. Love your blog Mera! It is always so insightful. Added you to my blogroll. Keep up the wonderful storytelling.

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