This Friday´s #FF blog

This weeks #Follow Friday blog recommendation: Songs from the Coal Face by Canary Beck, Becky.

Becky uses her blog the way I think a blog should be used, for example this: “It’s serving a wonderful purpose, like a pressure valve that I open from time to time, allowing the steam to escape what sometimes feels like a pressure cooker in my head.” From  Somebody that I used to know « Songs from the Coal Face. Altho there is no wrong way of using a blog.

She has done a thorough work with her blog, from name, layout to postings. I am in envy of her language, her way to express herself. Read “about” and you will get an idea exactly how well planned this blog is. Beckys blog has qualities that gives a promise it might be one of the big SL blogs in the future and im happy to have her as my friend. As she mentioned in her blog, first time we met it felt like talking to an old friend <3 Great Becky, go girl!

Pic; Becky at my place where we met the other day. Becky is easy to talk to, we seem to be able to go on chatting forever, or at least I…  :O) Thanks for dropping by Becky!

And now its friday! Have a fab weekend <3


4 Comments to “This Friday´s #FF blog”

  1. ever use GrooveShark? that saves me at work! \o/

  2. If I’d know you were taking a picture I would have posed! :) Take care Mera, hope to see you soon.

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