What’s your land worth? #Second Life

I talked to Johnny today and we were discussing land and what its worth. Later same day I registered in his forum: Out Of World where I stumbled across the same subject again. I have also recently been reading SL forum about the same subject so Ill try to answer here as Im very interested in virtual land.

What I value as virtual land is not the same as you Im sure. This is highly subjective. As I have regions in OsGrid with endless beaches and islands I have no craving for that when I buy land in Second Life. What I want when im in Second Life is what i cant get in OsGrid and that is a city with people :) Therefor I live close to one of the big Info HUBs in SL and high up on a mountain in the middle of a little sort of english village. The parcel is not protected but guess what, that doesnt matter. Its the neighbours that matter. A protected parcel can look like shit if u are unlucky with your neighbours and an unprotected parcel can be heaven if you have good people around.

So this is my values and why I value this =) I love to take my bike with ice cream box and head down to the info HUB and talk to the noobs. This is NPIOG (Not Possible in Other Grids) =)) As Second Life has several continents (mainland) which has protected roads and water you can do such things.

The good thing about not protected parcels is that they are often cheap so if one day you get horrid neighbours you can just abandon it and move on. Simple as that =) My parcel was abandoned when i bought it and had been for a while. Some one said that in the SL forum about prices; there is no wrong price, just wait for the right buyer to show up. Someone wants exactly that land, its just a matter of time. (Ok now im talking about reasonable prices, not ridiculous prices ;).

I am also pleased with having LL as landlord, i dont like private landlords cos i have bad experience of them in the past. LL is reliable and sure mess up sometimes but often they actually try to help if possible. And I have a lot more control over my land when i own it then if i rent. Besides that I want to live on mainland and if I buy land I have a wider range of parcels to choose between.

Edit: Read also part 2 of “What´s your land worth?” #Opensim

So what is your land worth?

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4 Comments to “What’s your land worth? #Second Life”

  1. Hi Mera. Maybe some time you should take your bike with ice cream box and head down to Lbsa Plaza on OSgrid if you want to meet people there. That’s where I go often and I always meet friendly folks there or help new arrivals. OSgrid is far from being an empty world where you have lots of cheap beach to sit on *laughs*

    You are right though, a small mainland plot in SL is cheap enough when considered in terms or meeting people. It gets rather more expensive as soon as you try to do more and start renting Islands. I have 2 Homesteads for role playing that cost about $270 a month but I don’t look at it as land, just processing power which is what it is and for $270 I can get a hundred times more processing power using Opensim and far more control for just a $100 a month. That also buys me freedom from Linden Labs TOS and the army of griefers and spammers in SL so I place more value on Opensim land than SL land for those reasons.

    As for meeting people in SL it is true it still has a fair amount of traffic although it is declining and has not seen any growth in several years. I consider SL over rated and expensive and I can find friends easy enough on the free Metaverse easy enough (that’s were I found you!) or just ask my SL role player friends to visit my Opensim regions. I have been doing that more lately and it works so keeping my SL regions gives them more value to me in that it helps my Opensim world.

    *pinches an ice cream from Mera’s box and runs off licking it*


  2. Gaga; Geezz you just made me realise i forgot to talk about my OsGrid land (and my former sim in inWorldz) and the value I get from that *facepalms*. Why is that, is it cos I get if for free i forgot it? Still, free or not has nothing to do with value. I value my land in OsGrid immensely. Without it I wouldnt feel satisfied with my small city plot in SL of course. I left SL for opensim as early as 2008, about 2 months after rezz. I started grid jump by curiosity but also cos the land price issue in SL. Land was too expensive and I wanted to build a whole sim, not only a parcel.

    And that is what I have been able to in Opensim, owning a whole sim. I never wanted to invest that much in SL even if I had the funds. That is what value is about. I didnt value SL that much. It was far too much money. But Open sim made it possible. I guess i have talked about this so many times so I forgot to mention it again =))

    And about that gang on LBSA plaza hahah, god they are techies! They make me feel stupid as soon as I land on the place. Thats why I keep my blonde head elsewhere ;)

    *Spanks the little ice cream nicker*

  3. Haha. Maybe I’m a bit techie but I do know how to come down to Earth and be playful. Anyway, if the techies put you off there is always the noobs to help and that makes you feel tops again.

    But Lbsa Plaza is still a great place to get help and news!


    • True, that you do know :)) Hmm Ill ask Arkadia* for a ice cream bicycle in Osgrid and head off to LBSA and chase some noobs then ;)

      *Awesome Arkadia Asylum has of course created those bikes and she is to be found in OsGrid those days.

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