Not only one of my friends, Leanna, is on fire. This morning when i took my morning coffee at home i saw smoke over my house. One of my neighbours houses was on fire! I didnt see any fire brigade, only a bus, so head over heels i went to the sim Firehouse to get some help.

Pic nicked from the sim Firehouse

Some handsome firefighters from Aero pines park Fire Department immediately threw themselves in the helicopters and started the rescue operation.

Pic nicked from the sim Firehouse

Still I think its cheap by Linden Lab not to have a firebrigade for their premium customers. We have to rely on private initiatives and any day the tier will break them too and the whole Second Life might burn down to the ground. Think about that Rodvik!

I dedicate this fitting song to Leanna  :O)

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11 Comments to “Fire”

  1. Psst.. why is Leanna on fire? o.o

  2. pretty nifty pics! someone was smoking salmon indoors again!

  3. @Ener; thanks and im afraid so :O)

    @Kate; :-X or PETOF will kill me “O_O”

  4. I do believe all properties should be fitted with smoke detectors… but this rarely seems to be the case. I hope all are ok… breathing in smoke isn’t good… the last time I did so I was coughing up prims for a week.

  5. i love it that things like this are going on. very cool.

  6. Ah Geeze, I knew giving Leanna that hot Rod was a mistake. Must have been a hi Octane fuel spill I figure.

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