Friday i´m in love + the first #FF blog

I will start (try at least!) every friday with a #Follow Friday blog recommendation. Todays blog is Metaverse Traveller by Gaga Gracious

One of her postings is like 30 of my own blog posts or more. The postings are packed with valuable information and the latest news regarding the open metaverse but also closed grids as Second Life. You cant afford to miss any of these brilliant blogposts.

She is often critical of Second Life/Linden Lab but she has always suggestions how to solve those problems. LL need to listen to what their residents have to say otherwise it will be bye bye and I want the grid to survive. So critique is a good thing, without it = no evolvement. “Second Life is in slow decline anyway because it’s a closed grid and the alternative technology is improving to the point of opening up the Metaverse just as the world wide web was opened up 20 years ago” Read on: Second life shrinks as the hidden metaverse expands

But now its friday!

I don´t care if mondays blue
Tuesday´s gray and wednesdays too
Thursdays I dont care about you
it´s friday i´m in love


One Comment to “Friday i´m in love + the first #FF blog”

  1. Hi Mera. Thanks for the compliments and the link back to my blog *hugs*

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