Make your prims count as only half a prim

Pic from the 1920s Berlin Project

Maybee you are aware of this already but I wasnt. Its amazing: “Thanks to the introduction of mesh prims there is now a way to make your prims count as only half a prim!” ~ The 1920s Berlin project

I did it and it works. Though some problems might emerge. If you do it in a house you can have troubles walking the stairs or through doors. (Maybee there is a way around this?). But you can certainly use it in a lot of situations to save prims! Thanks Jo! Read on: Save on prim usage without deleting any


5 Comments to “Make your prims count as only half a prim”

  1. I have “shrinked” a lot of prims already and it works excellent! It was some problem with the doorway in one of my houses though, but my Techies took care of it ;)
    And- no mod things doesnt work to cut down. :)

  2. 1920sberlin Wrote: Feb 17, 2:31 am

    Yes it doesn’t work on all prims, for instance sculpts, prims with a hole in it, it counts prims with scripts sometimes higher, etc.
    Best thing is to just experiment a bit :)


    Hi 1920sBerlin! Your comment got stuck in a server maintenance by WordPress so it wasnt published! Yes there are some problems but they are minor. Exactly we have to experiment, but this is awesome! Thanks again xxxxx //Mera

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