What about Kitely?

Kitelyis a different kind of Virtual world based on OpenSim technology. They have a different billing system that seems very promising, you pay for minutes spent in world.

Hypergrid Business recently had an article about Rivers Run Red leaves Second Life for Kitely. “Rivers Run Red was a pioneering 3D content development company in Second Life. No, make that THE pioneering content development company. The company brought major brands to Second Life — and was featured in a Businessweek cover story.

Say a company has a region in Second Life. That’s $1,000 a month in setup costs, plus $300 a month for the hosting.

Just last year, Rivers Run Red had about 30 regions in  Second Life. No more. Its Second Life regions have been moved to Kitely, with just one region left in Second Life.

For the same amount of money, you get three top-tier user accounts, with 100 regions each and unlimited usage. So that’s a total of 300 regions — 300! — with up to 100,000 prims each and maximum capacity of 100 avatars“. ~ Hypergrid Business

This is very good news for Kitely but very very bad news for Second Life….

This may be a solution if you want to limit your time in VW =)) The free plan only gives you 120 minutes/month but also a free world. Read more in the Kitely Blog: Billing system finally in place

But there are a lot of advantages to use Kitely for a company, not just the money.

Up to now the only way to log in to Kitely has been via your Facebook account but now they have opened up for a future log in via Twitter and the usually email/password log in. I must admit Kitely seems to be doing very well and their price plan is more realistic than Second Life´s is. There is still a lot of work left to do before a major break through but other virtual worlds needs to keep a very close eye on Kitely….

Thanks Ener Hax for the heads up about the new Kitely log in: Kitely for the masses? Yes!  If you search for “Kitely” in Eners blog you will find a lot of interesting stuff. Her prediction about Kitely for 2012: “Kitely will become a mainstay and see serious big adoption”


2 Comments to “What about Kitely?”

  1. “serious big adoption”!!! gee, my 6 years of college sure do make me talk good! =D

    but yeah, now that they are an actual commercial service, you’ll see more serious adoption by schools and companies – especially once it’s not only via facebook (i would not want to log into any company function with my real facebook account!

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