Love challenge and why I go into Virtual Worlds

Hoovering 3000 m up in the air..

Today is Valentine so I have a “LOVE theme” of course ;)

There was 2 challenges last week that fits the theme so I will try to answer them in 1 posting as they sort of melt together. The topic is monumental… but I will try (not in any order and short):

What I love about Virtual Worlds/Second Life and why I log in

Because I never have a bad hairday

Because I never have to iron my dresses

Because I can wear a tail

Because I can look like Keira Knightley or a bunneh (or whatever I feel like that day)

Because I never grow old (if I dont choose to) … and….

Impeccable hair, makeup and dress in a whim!

The fairytale that a VR (virtual reality) can be

My goofy friends who inspires me everyday

To create things NPIRL (not possible irl)

To be able to fly in all of the words senses

I get to practise the english language regularly

Meet people from all over the world and learn about other countries

Last but not least; Twitter – im a total addict! Here I have most of my VR friends within reach even if I cant log in to Second Life or any other VW.

These are some of the factors that make me log in again and again. And that is why I love virtual worlds. Is this possible elsewhere?

Pick up the challenge:


17 Responses to “Love challenge and why I go into Virtual Worlds”

  1. Hey Mera, just to meet goofy peeps like you is reason enough to come to virtual worlds but I agree with what you listed above. Happy Valentines!


  2. It is a monumental challenge, but i love your choices. I also love the photos. and your dress is amazing, love that shade of green. hugs

  3. Hovering 3000 meters up in the air looking gorgeous and not a hair out of place!! Damn I love virtual worlds!! BEAUTIFUL Pic Mera!

  4. @Yordie; Thanks!! The picture is taken in inWorldz and the dress is from Simply Fae by Boaz Sands. And it was a freebie!! =O I guess you can find her in Second Life too =)

    Boudica; Mwaahhh!

  5. never ironing! i wish i wasn’t so OCD – i even iron my jeans (probably if i did not let them sit in the dryer overnight they wouldn’t be so wrinkly!)

  6. Wow. That’s a tough one! Great list. And all the better in how short it is, yet there is so much in every point.

  7. WTF has Twitter to do with 3D virtual worlds?

    • Apmel; Nothing and everything. Twitter is the glue that holds us gridhoppers together. I dont expect you to understand this as you are in SL 99% of your VR time. But for us grid jumpers it´s essential to be able to communicate and plan where to meet next time for example. And as Luna Jubilee mentioned Plurk as one of her “loves” i thought I could mention Twitter too :)

    • Virtual Worlds and twitter are both social networking. Many people in virtual worlds use twitter to connect to their in world friends when they are not logged in to their grid. Twitter (and other social networking sites) have become essential tools for many of us and goes hand in hand with our Virtual life.
      It’s actually a wonderful way to connect real life and virtual to many people as well.

  8. Just a brief comment Mera, you might want to fix your link you have it broken to my post. Here is the correct one

    (Hopes that this doesn’t get broken)

  9. @Lady; Exactly, twitter is easier, if I sit on the bus with my iPhone for example. And i can reach all friends, regardless of world :)

    @Linda; yes tis sort of a bridge. And its a good way to get news fast :)

    @Deson; My bad! Sorry *facepalms* hugsss!!

  10. No problem Mera, these things happen.


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