Indian Farmers and knickers

The undie challenge continues, this time im facing the other direction…oh excitement! ;)

But what has Indian farmers in India to do with my undies? Actually there is a connection cos im standing at an India inspired sim, in Bhaktiville. And why do I stand here? I had to hop in the bath to show off my undies of course ;)

But most important is that Indian farmers has started to use Second Life to talk and learn about environmental changes that affects them and learn about the season changes. “By letting them sit in on the Second Life conversation, rather than just telling them directly, it gives them the ownership of finding out what climate is all about.”

This is rather amazing! Read on: Indian farmers in Second Life

And SLurl to the Indian themed sim:



24 Comments to “Indian Farmers and knickers”

  1. Almost with a blush.. Nice outfit.. or lack of.. ;)..

  2. I am gonna check out the sim. wooohooo

  3. Not that I don’t also appreciate blogs about underwear, but the Indian Farmers was a great read. Thanks for the link!

  4. @Johnny; My pleasure! U see, how i sacrifice myself for you to notice those indian farmers :}

    @Kate; hope you like it :)

  5. I should really learn not to read this blog when it’s morning and I haven’t had my coffee yet. (Gets a paper towel)

    • 1 more blushed and also wasted his coffee? = 1 extra score! Hrmmm what are u going to use the paper towel for? maybee I dont wanna know? :]

      • To clean the coffee out of my keyboard. Lucky it needed cleaning anyway and coffee actually does a heck of a job cutting through keyboard grunge (especially weapons grade coffee). The rise of blood pressure was a rather pleasant helper waker upper anyway. Beats cold coffee making an assault upon the taste buds.

        Besides, it’s give me reason to dig out and glue onto the keyboard my red “panic button”. Assuming I can find it and the super glue.

        Besides, for what your thinking of? Use a tissue. Trust me on this. Less rough on the delicate skin layers than a paper towel. (chuckle)

  6. Des; im sure Leanna will be at your service! So u have a “bad” bed? I need to think about that, im so PG you know… :}

  7. Im too blonde for this techie stuff. Im quite sure Leanna is more suitable to give you input about your performance on this mattress(?) If i understand this correctly? I lost this conversation somewhere along this thread :O)

  8. Mera you beautiful wonderful goddess… it’s perfect!! You don’t need a role model… you’re amazing as you are <3 Nothing could describe it better than me standing there with my mouth agape. Sorry if it was too short a comment *grin* and thank you for the huge compliment! *big sweet sugary hugs!* The panties are delish and the skin too! I love the way you perfectly framed your shot… sweet and sexy and yet not showing it all. XOXOXO

    • @Boudica! LOL!! As if!! Giggles! Im no fashion blogger how much I ever tries I will never be :)) I dont have your sense of style sweetie <3 so forget it, im a mess and I know it when it comes to clothes and style. Thats why i dont have that much clothes :}

      No your comment was perfect! It said it all =)) Thanks and thanks again xxxxxxx

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