Leaving virtual worlds – step by step

I have never met Flora in worlds. And I have only been reading her blog for a few days. She left Second Life recently and has started a brand new blog where she explores her own feelings while adjusting to a life without Virtual Worlds and with less online presence. Online presence can sometimes be very demanding and be overwhelming so I can understand this. Its easy to loose control. I like this blog a lot and even though I never met Flora I think I like her too. Maybee we all have something to learn from her. Enjoy!: Blueberries and Milk In A Glass Bowl  But be sure to read from the beginning =)


2 Comments to “Leaving virtual worlds – step by step”

  1. I couldn’t agree more. I feel like I’m getting to know her in a strange way. From what I can tell, she’s a deep and passionate person, who things a lotI think that when you meet people like that inworld, you need to hug and hold and cherish them. At least we can do that from a distance now. By the way, am really enjoying your posts too Mera, maybe we can meet inworld someday :)

    • Yes I agree Becky, she seem to be a very upright and honest person and we need to cherish them more :) A meeting in world, yes that would be fun! And thanks, I very much enjoy reading your blog too as you know =)

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