The Shitty Thursday left me pissed off, but…

Kandinsky Beaumont in a box

This thursday was da bitch to me, after a shitty evening i took a drink and fell asleep in the sofa. But Kandi celebrated 5 years in SL so of course I had to wake up from my beauty sleep and congratulate her <3 She got gifts and ended up in a box herself eventually.

Apmel had organized a fab event with fireworks and SaveMe Oh was entertaining us with a tune from the The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. Splendid! I had a fab evening and I even got a landbot as a date *yay* Arky thanks :)

But The Shitty Thursday, im afraid, led to an Even Worse Friday when I eventually snapped at my friends. I also wrote a pissed off rant in the blog which I usually dont do. Sorry for that! :´(  And I cant even blame PMS this time D:

U know I love you and I will start over now. *reloggs* Now I have cleaned up some old mess so the HD will run smoother. This year will be good I´ll see to that =) Hugss all friends <3

More pictures from the party in Blanches blog

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11 Comments to “The Shitty Thursday left me pissed off, but…”

  1. Great pictures!
    Thanks for the nice gift and thnks for coming, this was a surpriseparty and had I known about it there would have been some more ppl from other worlds invited…

    The best thing is to follow Apmels blog in these cases…I mean if you long for a happening at our little region… : ))

  2. Aww what happened? :( You okay Mera?

    • Yes thanks im ok =) Im just mad at myself for wasting my time and feelings on nothing (old stuff). Im good now! Thanks for your concern xxxxxxxxxxxxxx hugss!

  3. Mera, everyone has days (or several days in a row) when things pile up on them. I know that I’ve had them myself. On occasion you may find yourself unleashing without thinking. These things happen and yes it’s needed to release your frustration at whatever it was. The key is that you know it was temporary and realize this. I’m sure that your friends also know this was a temporary thing as well. I don’t know the specifics but I’m sure that all will be fine. Holding things in for too long without release in some way isn’t good. Trust me on this. I know from experience. It’s all cool.

    Take care of yourself.

    • Ty Des. Im a master at holding back things though, but im working on it so this is actually progress for me. So now im going to create a box, put this shit in it and trash it! Thanks Skylar for this idea =)

      Thanks Des and take care <3

  4. It looks like a great party and I’m glad you had fun, you more of it! *big hugs*

  5. Has not been around much but hugs Mera anyway XXXX

  6. Squishies Mera.. Muah .. good that you had fun.. :D

  7. @Gaga & @Kate ty and hugss both of u. I know u are there for me when I need you (and so am I for you) <3

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