What´s in it for me?

At weekends Im usually bit lazy with my blogging but not today so Ill give you some problems to ponder:

How about the latest PR idea from Linden Lab, “Calling all Bloggers” They want residents to blog for free. Rub my back and I rub yours, is the payment. But do they rub sexy enough for you to work for free? I have been asked a numerous times to blog events, parties and hunts for different occasions and also to promote regions and grids. And I have always tried to help out.

Still, sometimes I wonder “whats in it for me?” kind of. A blog post takes time to write, you need to work with pictures and get landmark, links and stuff. This is free PR stuff for them who benefits from it. Then why dont they share i, retweet it or otherwise use it? If they dont use it, what´s the point of me doing it? I dont benefit as its sort of a “lost” blogpost for me. Its just commercial and posts like this dont generate any extra goods for me. And if them who benefits from it dont want to use it, its lost and I wont do it again, of course.

If  you are a creator you take for granted that ppl pay for your stuff when they buy it. But when a blogger promotes your stuff for free, and you dont even RT it or plurk it, which signals do u think you give to the blogger? You give the signal “i take you for granted” or ” i dont like this blogpost so I wont use it”. Do u think you will get anymore blogs after that?

Linden Lab are at least quite huge so they can tempt with a possibility to get more traffic to a blog if that´s what a blogger want. But what do you have to offer? So think about how you treat this kind of free stuff in blogs. There is a risk you will get invicible if u dont use it right :)

Read more: The new freebie culture ~ Marx Dudek

The other drama was a really bad griefer/hacker problem a resident with numerous of sims has had for a while. She dont seem to get support. If so its really worrysome…“I have over 250 sim / games places in a special group where we communicate all these sims are reliant on my game for income / traffic etc recently (last night) i seem to have attracted a serious hacker / griefer who has managed to close my sim down on several occasions and effect my grid wide games by doing so” I saw in a comment they are talking about a way to prevent such things like using mobile phone verification to register or something like that as some other sites does. Is it a good idea? Something has to be done anywoo but it has to work in multiple countries. Read on: Griefer/hackers and Linden Lab


11 Comments to “What´s in it for me?”

  1. Never! Never and never again!
    I blogg about Second Life for free but I do it in my own free will on my own blog, By the rules given of the Swedish Constitution, Freedom of expression Constitution and the Freedom of the Press Constitution. On my blog I use the same standard as I do in my occupation as a Journalist in real life
    Not by any homemade American rules.
    I publish what I want to publish.

    • I feel the same. I tried for a while (under protest) to blog for a special area in another grid and that didnt turn out well. I always had the feeling I HAD to write about special stuff, I couldnt write what i wanted and If i would blog a special island or business the others in the area might be jelous. So I gave up :O)

  2. I have to admit I thought the same thing. While I’d be more than happy to write for nothing for the fun of it (hell, I already do now!) I was turned off with the idea that I’d have to write a brand new unpublished post just for the “hope” of getting it selected. For me, that’s a considerable amount of work. What’s worse, it feels a bit like shooting in the dark. There is very little criteria (apart from subjects) to guide me on what may or may not be selected. So, I figure my chances of success are slim as it pretty much comes down to luck or personal preference. And, given that my subjects aren’t exactly the mainstream SL fashion / commerical fodder, I have no idea whether there’d be a market for my stuff amongst anyone but the friends and randoms that visit me more out of kindness than any real benefit to be gained (e.g. tips or LMs). So, while initially tempting, I’ll be giving this opportunity a pass. Nice idea, but the execution seems flawed.

  3. After a while it becomes tedious and you feel burdened.. you lose the fun out of it..

  4. @Becky; I agree. You lock up a blogpost that “might” be published, but you dont know. A lot of work for, maybee, nothing. Im not prepared to do that either. It will be very interesting to see how this turns out…

    @Kate, exactly <3

  5. i have gotten a few USB sticks for free on the hopes i would blog about them but for sure LL would need to do something – maybe free membership for a month per 500 word article?

    i dunno, but i do know that what Tateru said “$17 = well paid” does not equal what Ener says for “well paid” – but then, i removed my ads (made a range of $30 to 60 a month) and blog for the sheer enjoyment of it. i have not missed a single day since may 25, 2009! dang, that’s a lot of love =)

    i truly love sharing and don’t mind doing it for free (look at sim-on-a-stick, not even a donate button there)

    i’m not wealthy by any means but it’s in my nature to give back to the community – i was a volunteer firefighter for two years – there will be people interested in donating writing to LL. heck, i would have jumped all over that four years ago and donated 2 to 4 hours a week to LL as a genuine SL Mentor!

  6. I don’t blog very often myself. When I do however it’s for me to share with other people. I don’t blog for any specific purpose or for anyone in particular. To be honest even if I tried to do so, It probably would end up sucking any and all fun out of it because it would become “work”. Or at least for me anyway.

    • I agree Deson, I will quit do that too. They have to blog themselves if they want promotion from now. With no passion it will just get boring and “work” as you said *hugsss*

  7. I started blogging about my time in SL just a means to waffle and openly pose my internal queries about my experiences there. I think it’s a creative process, one that would not benefit well from any sort of “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch mine” because surely having $L thrown at me for writing something favourable for example doesn’t really benefit any potential audience. I think the best Linden can do is just (continue) to encourage blogging, perhaps (because I don’t think they do this already) is create a wordpress/blogger etc icon in a user’s profile like they do for those with youtube and flicker accounts in addition to having the option to post a website link, and perhaps in the seach options give users the ability to search for other people with blogs/flickr/youtube accounts.

    Nice blog Mera, I’m pleased you enjoyed reading about my SL road trip :)

  8. bmhonline; Thanks for comment. Good ideas! And yes I like your road trips! I love maps and mainland and love to read about it. mainland and their roads are special….

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