The Cleaner will come and get you!


I got this horrid message in Twitter today:

ATTENTION : Region cleaner is working again 2/19/2012 will be 1st tentative cleaning session, I expect 50-60% of all regions will be purged! But there was more: ATTENTION : This is in no way in indicator of declined usage of opensimulator, the cleaner has been broken for over a year!! And more!: ATTENTION : Regions that do not respond at all for 2 weeks straight will be purged, regions are checked twice a day and zero success = purge “Purge” means dead! This would be typically my luck! Die the cleaning death in OsGrid. As I turn off my regions every night to prevent the risk of fire, im sure they will run this cleaner when im asleep. As im always unlucky this will happen im sure :(
Still its a good thing they do it! I just hope I wont be sucked in to their vacuum cleaner :´(
Nervous wreck and control freak as I am, I logged in to the IRC Chat in Osgrid  Nebadon answered: the region will have to be down for 2 weeks straight for it to get purged. But i believe the checks run at 02:00:00 and 14:00:00 UTC. But like danbanner said i am not sure how long it takes to run fully, its not something i can easily time. But if we say it takes 10 seconds per region it would take about 30 minutes to do the entire grid. At its current size, about 11k regions.  (YAY now we know! Thanks a lot Nebadon. As I understand it Central European time is UTC +1 hour ). But im a sucker at time zones so correct me if im wrong! :)

2 Comments to “The Cleaner will come and get you!”

  1. that seems decent and Henry is really cute – almost makes me want to vacuum!

    *vacuuming sucks* =p

  2. Henry should look more feisty than cute. he will stuff himself with 60% of the grid, bloody bulimia vacuum cleaner! :]

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