Breaking news! The tree will live inWorldz!

It was so near to be closed down! The End of the Inworldz great tree  but:

Raglan Shire in InWorldz Lives :)
Tuesday, 07 Feb 2012 18:59:38 GMT

These some details to be worked out, but Abramelin Wolfe in an extreme act of kindness & generosity has offered to help us cover our costs. The Great Tree will continue to live on in Inworldz. W00T :)

More information to come but for now, a Big round of Apaws to Mr Wolfe :)

Information from Zayn Till



8 Comments to “Breaking news! The tree will live inWorldz!”

  1. Yay! This is great news!

  2. Yayy! so glad! Abramalin is our hero! :D

  3. When all we ever seem to hear is this Sim or that Sim closing on all grids, then that is indeed good news for Inworldz. :)

  4. \o/ very good news, it’s an awesome build

  5. The Great Tree lives up to it’s name, and I’m so happy to see it remaining for everyone to see. And of course, it also means… yes… the Mystery Prim will still be there to worship and adore. :)

  6. Abramalin is truly a hero, its so generous of him to continue this wonderful task Zayn started. Inworldz and we all needs the tree, its one of the most amazing build Iv seen :`)

  7. Now all we need is for Wynx to bring in the quads and I’ll be ecstatic!!

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