Stop camming!

My new knickers!

Oh lala I get to show them off as there is a blog challenge with theme underware running right now! FAB! Do u dare join us?  =))

I got them from the amazing creator Leanna Caerndow at my housewarming party in SL the other day. The reason was Jim Tarber! The infamous pervcamming but gorgeous and awesomesauze grid monkey from inWorldz was on his way. So the text on the butt says – Jim stop camming! (OBS camming with an A). Ohh oh all girls – knees together! :}

So if you want a pair, maybee with another text (there might be other cammers around mwahha), just send an IM to Leanna Caerndow and she will help a lady (or gent?) in need. Both in SL and InWorldz.

I especially challenge Sven Idyll and Jim Tarber – show us what u got under ;)

Knickers Leanna Caerndow (Owner of Phoenix Creations in IW)
Stockings from Gumdrop (The Wash, SL)
Shape my own

21 Responses to “Stop camming!”

  1. I resemble that remark! And for the record, you’re facing the wrong way in that pic. :p

  2. One user likes the comments.

  3. oooooooh, I could so smack that bottom!


  4. Two users like the comments.. winks.. Good way to start a work day off.. snickers..

    Goes whistling off to work..

  5. Apparently my name was used in a commercial product without my approval, so …

    I’m going to have to report those panties for a “take down”! :D

    Lose ’em or… lose ’em! Bwaahahaa.

  6. *Alex poked his head into Mera’s blog, noted Mera’s rather delightful pixelated arse, noted Jim has taken one for all male Avatars everywhere, breathed a huge sigh of relief and ran off to delete his underwear inventory… :)

  7. lol, you can’t see my underpants, i have stockings, shorts, and a skirt on top of them

    i’m a modern nun =)

  8. @Ener & Jim; im working on an Xray viewer atm called “Mera undieful viewer” (Mera means more in english) so rest assure, ill solve this and bash Firestorm and the rest at the same time. :]

  9. Now THAT is a viewer upgrade. ;)


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