If i forget to start the server, will u still love me?

One of my sims in OsGrid has been quite empty for a while now. So i thought its time to fiddle a bit with it so it doesnt starts to sulk. Lazy as I am i have choosed to place most of the sim under water so I dont have to decorate too much ;)

"Bent" on Cornys sim ;)

When i was “done” (I got bored rather than “done”) I went over to Cornflakes place. When i arrived I started with Yoga immediately. God im agile! Corny was into yoga too. I dont know why I practise Yoga at Cornys regions but not my own regions?

"Straight" in my sim :O)

I guess we havent the same simulator version?? Anyone knows? This is an old wellknown Opensim bug but occasionally you can see it in Second Life too.

Cornflakes is running 4 sims where he gives away land to his friends. So if you are a friend of Cornflakes, you are prolly a lucky owner of free land in OsGrid by now =) U are fab Corny!! So generous. He has a fast connection so he can handle multiple sims and avies which i cant. Read more on Svens blog (swedish). In OsGrid a swedish person also runs sims for younger ppl who has the opportunity to learn to build and script.

I can only manage 2 sims and I dont know how many avies my rotten connection allows…. So im not starting any landlady business in OsGrid atm. Maybee I could have 1 or 2 avies living on my land but in that case only very close friends or a partner who still loves me even if I sometimes forget to start the server :O)

Ds All pictures except the one with Cornflakes is taken at one of my sims in OsGrid. Take care <3


4 Comments to “If i forget to start the server, will u still love me?”

  1. wow, what are those trees? some of them are really nice

    *resists making comments about looking at one’s butt* =D

  2. Ener: thanks for not commenting that ;)

    hmm those trees… irl they are typically in Sweden, maybee in Canada too? Birches and “norway” spruce (do u say that???) and some archipelago pines. =) These pixel ones are wonderful indeed, but im not sure they are legal to be honest. OsGrid you now, lots of pirates here “O_O”

  3. How does that “bent” thing happen anyway? At least once a year there seems to be an epidemic of getting “bent” that swarms across our world. I hate that pose/thang. It’s even worse than the old days when at the end of a tp you found your hair and shoes and everything else that was loose, stuck in your butt. hehe

    • It seems to follow with certain updates of the software *wild guess*. But I dont know why they never get rid of it completely. I was hoping some techie could answer this :O)

      Hahah that “all attachment on the butt” bug, Iv seen it in pics only, before my time =))

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