The End of The Inworldz Great Tree

Sad news from Raglan Shire forum:

Due to a combination of financial issues and lack of interest, sadly we will be closing the Raglan Shire Tree sim in the Inworldz grid this month.

The sim itself has been a joy and a marvel and is my favorite sim ever in that nothing of its scope and scale had been done before with so much interactivity and charm.

A 500 meter tall tree with an entire city located there on? Homes and ships, areas to explore, hidden surprizes, at every turn , there was something amazing to see” ~ Zayn Till

Read On: The End of the Inworldz Great Tree

I can understand this. I had to leave my sim to due to economical reasons. Even if its a lot cheaper inWorldz than in Second Life, its very hard to rent out parcels. So it was a constant struggle and in the end I couldnt take the risk loosing more money. I still love the grid and all my friends and I hope for a bright future <3


2 Comments to “The End of The Inworldz Great Tree”

  1. Mera,does it mean the end of Inwordz? or is it the world reduction?
    Unfortunately we are often influenced by a strategy and the business results of the company in this 3D world.

    When is a more stable 3D world brought to us?

    By the way,sorry,Vesper. I wasn’t able to reply to your IM.., Because, as for it, I am a state of log on as logoff. This problem is considerably serious :/

    • Gosh no! Its just one sim! Though an important and unique sim. Inworldz is running fine atm =)
      I know I understood you had problems! Np, see you next time. I hope you solve your problems! =)

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