Thank you all!

All and each of you who dropped by my place to party yesterday, big hugs and thanks! I loved to see so many friends from inWorldz, (I so miss you!!! I need to try to be in world more!) some from OsGrid and even some from Second Life, among them my lovely neighbours with the church yard =)) Thanks a million Lady Sakai for DJing and Leanna for drinkning so many “love potions” you crack me up :)) Thank you all for celebrating Dolphin´s birthday (Anna Loom inworldz) too! I didnt count how many we were but people came and went all the time. I also got messages from friends who couldnt attend due to RL and im sorry but that is a stubborn grid!

I may have missed to say good night to some of you due to the chat was rolling very fast all evening. Im a mess! Sorry for my slow response on IMs too, I had some… :)) *laying flat on the floor* =)) I would have needed a backup hostess im not that fast :O)

I only took this lousy pic cos I didnt have time and I had to lower my graphic to be sure not to crash. And pics with low graphic is no fun….. My connection failed me anyhoo 1 time so I didnt dare take any more risks :) I may have a party in the future, to make up for you who missed this if not for anything else :))


This became a very sorrowful blog! LOL! GOD im tired today! :)

I love u all and take care! <3

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6 Comments to “Thank you all!”

  1. Hey Mera. The party was great and I am glad I made it. Yes, lots of people there and it was fun. I hope the house is well and truly warmed up now. It was certainly a hot party.

    Seeya soon! *hugs*

  2. As usual Apmel had to leave before the heat was on :))

  3. considerate of you :)) Anyways I have some pics from the party out on my blog now..

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