Sugar sugar…


A sweet tune to get you in the right party mood. Tonight is the night for the Housewarming party and we are also going to celebrate Anna Looms RL birthday!!

Theme; Sugar! Dress in something sweet or even sugarfree(?) – we will treat you with sweet drinks and sweet music.

Date and time; February 1, time – 12 PM (noon) SLT – 2 pm SLT

DJ; the famous and gorgeous, but not so PG, queen of Nude Beach; Lady Sakai! Grand landlord from inWorldz and infamous stalker of Duran Duran is going to play sweet tunes for you.

Warm welcome! Did you solv the riddle? Otherwise send a IM to Vesper Kling/Display name Mera Kranfel if you didnt get my invitation NC, it got capped  for some ppl I heard.

Did your mum warn you not to accept candy from ladies?

I even created a cotton candy machine, just to lure small herrings to come by ;)


4 Comments to “Sugar sugar…”

  1. Date and time; February 1, time – 12 PM (noon) SLT – 2 pm SLT

    hmm, what is that in GMT?

    I never did understand International times and least of all SL time, lol


  2. LOL me neither! :)) GMT hmm It must be 8pm =) I always mix it up :O) Welcome! xxxxxxxxx

  3. Sweet deal! I went surfing for sims with the name Sugar in them…. and… found it!! Can’t wait for the party :)

    Oh here’s a nifty online time zone converter You can just plug in 12:00 and Pacific or PST on one side, and on the other side bottom square put GMT… it will convert the time as you type. SL Time is Pacific since they’re based in San Francisco, CA.

    Hope this helps…. mmmm see you at the party!

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