A red-headed with attitude

Second Destiny

If you only read 1 fashion blog (like me) I can recommend this. Wonderful pictures and the text gives inspiration. Generous and Talented Boudica Destiny is behind this fab blog.

Pic Boudica Destiny



5 Comments to “A red-headed with attitude”

  1. holy crap! good thing i am isolated on my little grid – i’d jump all over that! (nice language eh? lol) =)

  2. Wow, *great* image there! And why does that feel like such an understatement?

  3. @ Mera it means so much to me that you like my little blog… wow thank you so much for sharing it here on your blog! I’m flattered! ***hugehugs!***

    @ Ener You’re making me blush!! *grins* Thank you! I like Mera’s idea… start a “Fashion Stripe” column in your blog and highlight all things stripey. Could be fun! Muah!

    @ Jim Thank you! I am loving the depth of field function in the newer viewers, where the foreground focus is clear and the background is blurred. Adds a neat touch!

  4. @Jim & Boudica; Agree! I love “dept of field” and i have become dependant of shadows nowadays. I´d rather live my life in lag than be without them :O) (Lag is caused by my now and then crappy connection)

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