Parcels for sale – grid survey

Last grid survey is out regarding Second Life. One thing that hasnt updated since 2010 is parcel for sale. Still its interesting to look at it and wonder -how come this decline? Are people so comfy at their places they prefer to stay, or are there some other issue behind this? It would have been interesting to see the figures from 2011. I have heard prices have gone upwards….. A blonde has to ask questions u know ;)

This is sqm sold by residents. A bit different! Statistics gets me confused! They sell fewer parcels but bigger? @_@

I dont understand the level method they use for tier. It should be floating tier. If you have a parcel 700 sqm you still pays for a parcel size 1024 and so on, though you dont get that much prims. So how the parcel is cut is very important and there is difficult to sell a parcel the “wrong” size. This is just daft and I dont understand why they dont change this. And the tier is too high!! arghh…

Grid survey parcel for sale

The rest of the survey is also very interesting and you find it here:



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