A fun way to get Linden Dollars

Kismet showed me a place some days ago. A place where you can play different kinds of machines to earn LD. If you are skilled you can quite easy earn quite a bit LD actually. I have a friends who has to save LD and she tried it the other day. After 3-4 days she had got the hang of it and had 400LD +! There are different kinds of machines and when you click the machine it will tell you how to play. But beware, its highly addictive!! Here is the SLurl (taxi):

Moo Town Games

Good luck! :)


2 Comments to “A fun way to get Linden Dollars”

  1. reminds me of the old days, I’d lost a fair amount of lindens back then *eyedart*
    not gonna try this newfangled stuff. I think. Hmm…

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