Home sweet home

I sold my beautyful waterfront land on the island in Carlisle so I have been busy looking for a new home some time now. I was only looking for waterfronts on mainland. After some days searching I had seen so much water so it choked me. So eventually i bought a cheap small chunk of land close to an info HUB with lots of houses and people. In the middle of a city instead of the countryside.

Actually this land looks nicer than a lot of those waterfront iv visited. A lot of them are haunted by huge black boxes or other eyesore buildings which ruins the whole experience of waterfront. I dont understand why people invest in expensive protected waterfront land to build a closed huge box? Why not use cheap land without water or a skybox?

Who wants to buy this land? Waterfront yes but.....

I like the mixture of buildings and stuff on mainland but sometimes it goes too far. For example all hugeprims that are used as privacy screens. They also ruin the environment if they are ugly and non transparent. I wish there was at least some rules regarding how to build on mainland, at least in waterfront environment. Because this prevents people to invest in land i think. They are afraid of getting a neighbour that builds a huge black box next to them. That could make their land worthless…

Once upon a time there was a castle..... and a black box

Picture: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kaili/24/229/21

Yes there are some examples like Nautilus, Shermerville and Bay city but they are extremely expensive….though very nice looking. I dont wanna reduce peoples possibilities to express themselves, but some buildings are just too much. Right or wrong, i dunno, just my private opinion. Take care! =)

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2 Comments to “Home sweet home”

  1. congrats on your new home! =)

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