Paparazzis in Midsomer County #inworldz

I found this magazine on my table in Second Life. Leanna must have been reading it and I guess it´s she that is legally responsible for the publication of the periodical…..Who else? And what does the other members of the family say about this?  Rumours rumours, who can you trust in?

Vesper Kling claims he is innocent of course. He was just joking with Kate for exampel. And now she is going to marry a very decent fellow inWorldz (bless his white socks!) so no heart brokened in that department :]

Disclaimer; Vesper Kling inworldz has nothing to do with Vesper Kling/Mera Kranfel in Second Life (obviously!)


7 Comments to “Paparazzis in Midsomer County #inworldz”

  1. I am more concerned about the witches in Midsomer. I’m concerned there aren’t enough witches in Midsomer!

  2. Leanna; grid monkeh edition *yay*
    Miso; what do u imply? More witches for protection against the “good for nothing” Vesper Kling?

  3. Lol only you guys.. starts laughing again. yep we definitely need more witches against Vesper :D.. and I like that edition .. grins..Way to go Lea:)

    • @Kate; Smoooochies! good to see you today. And im sure Vesper will survive any witches. Im sure he will just try to flirt with them. And succeed? Time will tell :]

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