Second Life – a massive joke?

I had a dragon day in peace on my parcel when Leanna turned up and demanded  a tour around the surrounding sims. -Lets scare the noobs on Help Island, someone said (im sure it must have been Leanna!). So off we went.

– Leanna: I always wanted to ride a dragon *claps hands*

When we flew over Help Island I couldnt avoid hearing:

– Vance Emmons: Damn, this is a living example of why the world considers this game to be a massive joke.

Did he mean us? Nah that is impossible! Though Leanna wanted me to toast him but of course i didnt i just roasted them noobs a little to keep them warm and cuddly.

I hope Vance didnt think I was ready for the “rubber room” just cos I was showing Leanna the surroundings. The conversation at Help Island was…. spiritual(?) Hmm it was so profound so it was way over my horizon anyhoo. Poor Vance was struggling with the newbies. Im so impressed by mentors working. Good work Vance! :)

When i came home and tried to land I got stuck in my neighbours banlines as usual. She only let age verified ppl in and I wont do that. It make me feel younger not to be age verified :] Totally exhausted after this adventure i crashed in the garden and im afraid im still sleeping when u read this….

Dragon from Seawolf dragons.


6 Comments to “Second Life – a massive joke?”

  1. riding a dragon does not make you a massive joke (it’s all that other stuff!) =D

    well i love a good joke and i love you, so maybe you are a joke? either way, i think you are peachy =)

  2. They wouldn’t have thought you were a joke if you landed among them, fiery breath roaring and toasting them to a crisp, then grabbing their charred but still-living remains in your brutally-sharp claws, flown them up to 2000m and then dropped them, letting their broken and fried carcass shatter on the unforgiving rocks below. Just sayin’

    (from a DragonBorn in Skyrim; we know about dragons there)

    • @Miso; Naah! Im just a common little pink cuddly dragon me. I wouldn never do such thing in me life! Me nevah eats maidens… *crosses claws behind back*
      DS sneaky commersials for Skyrim in this blog will be harshly punshed (100 spanking first time and increasing with 100 for each repetition!)

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