Hippo my saviour

I have had problems logging in to OsGrid with Imprudence several days now. And from yesterday it wasnt just difficult, it was impossible. I started it and it frozed after a short while. So I thought Imprudence was corrupt in some way so I uninstalled and downloaded again. I had troubles downloading too so I had to change connection first…

Imprudence is about 40 mb. Eventually I had a new client and tried again but no success. So I changed to another computer with another version of Imprudence. Still no success. Then i thought aha my avatar is corrupted! I tried my alt and voila i came through. So I contacted OsGrid irc for help. But only Nebadon can restore a corrupted avatar.

Then i talked to Sven Idyll who came up with the bright idea to install Hippo and try that old viewer.

Hippo is only about 8 mb and fast to download. I tried it and success! I could enter OsGrid again. But why? Sven said Hippo was less demanding and I knew that from my earlier use of it in opensim long ago. Hippo is only 8 mb, I thought… So i changed my connection and started Imprudence on another connection than before. Suddenly i could log in again.

So what had happened? I didnt notice something was wrong with my connection cos the downlink was fast. But when i checked it the uplink was a disaster! Thats why Hippo could log in and Imprudence was frozen. Imprudence had too high demands on the uplink to be able to connect to the grid. But I could connect with Second Lifes V3 with that lousy uplink too…. Actually, and this is true, I have failed to log in with Hippo and the next second succeeded with V3.

Bottom line is, Hippo is a low demand viewer when you have problems with your connection or even a weaker computer maybee. Second Life V3 is also a lot easier on the connection and computer than some other “hip” viewers. So do try different viewers if you have problems (or not). It can make a huge difference. Yay for old Hippo, my saviour in OsGrid until my connection is mended <3 In Second Life im fine with their standard viewer.

Ds I need 2 different connections to access my regions in OsGrid due to a loopback problem in my router. The server has its own connection and the computer with the viewer another.


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