“Viewers are exactly like women”

– Leanna: I hate v3 with a passion urgh >.<
– Mera: Me lubs V3…
– Sven: today i hate all viewers
– Leanna: there’s no compromise huh? either love or hate
– Mera: you will learn to love it ;)
– Sven: yep, viewers are exactly like women
– Mera: poooh
– Leanna: spank him Mera
– Sven: when they doing the thing they can – love.
– Mera spanked Sven’s ass …

– Sven: spank is not love , youre like a viewer now
– Mera: >:(
– Leanna refrains from commenting on spanking
– Sven: änd … now i have 15 with Linden … the spank was what the viewer needed
– Leanna: ha!
– Mera: :}
– Sven: and now 20 … what is going on?
– Mera: more love?
– Sven: all you need is love
– Leanna: and spanking
– Mera: :]


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