Metaverse Tribune: Linden Lab is profit…

“Someone needs to tell Linden Lab there is no glory in inventing Angry Birds 2. I got tired about level 8, and I sure won’t be talking about it 2 years from now, so Linden Lab needs to pull their collective head from their asses and start hiring some of their hardcore users who know what the hell they are doing and know why they love this platform in its archaic stage.”

Read on: Linden Lab is profit not invested

Its seems we are thinking alike. I had a similar posting recently: Dont be a zynga wannabee 31 dec 2011. Linden Lab you dont seem to realize the magnitude of this Metaverse. Think again.


6 Responses to “Metaverse Tribune: Linden Lab is profit…”

  1. i also burned out on Angry Birds, i liked the first game but then got bored with the others and a zynga wannabe!!! i’m very happy being a Mera groupie! =)

  2. Well said Mera!

    Linden Labs has so much talent right under their noses and what a publicity scoop if they could claim to be paying bounties to SL residents to actually make SL “Your World, Your Imagination”

    They did it with TPVs by releasing the viewer code but, of course, they didn’t pay anyone for useful code they could use in their own viewers. And it may well be that they can’t let anyone make a game app without revealing the secrets of their server code since they don’t have any kind of SDK available.

    I guess it’s all down to Rod and what he can come up with to attract the younger generation. Lets face it we all know now why he was hired and it wasn’t because he understands the SL community. He’s video games man.


    SL R.I.P

  3. @Ener; yay for my groupie <3 You have a stalker 2 u know ;)
    @Gaga; He is video game man…. I have understood that fully now. Makes me depressed… I still hope he can change or that he can grasp the idea of the Metaverse before its too late. Otherwise, we have Opensim <3

  4. “start hiring some of their hardcore users who know what the hell they are doing and know why they love this platform in its archaic stage”

    That was what the Lab did from 2003 to 2008 it’s where most of their staff came from at the time.

    • Tateru; Thanks for your comment. I myself dont know enough about how LL hire their staff. To hire hardcore users seems logical but thats not enough. Staff needs to be diversified cos SLs userbase contains both creators and ppl who just wanna relax and have fun. They have very different needs.

      The main problem as I see it is that the Lab fail to communicate the idea about SL and the metaverse. And the first hours problem, why dont they stay?

      But to be able to analyze the problem being a newbie in SL again I need to talk a friend into running it for the first time and see where he or she get stuck. I rezzed 2008 and i still remember how hard it was but im sure its different now. The V3 client seems a lot easier for a newbie to handle and helps them to find things. But that would be an interesting experiment! Ill try to find me a noob of my own :)


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