Landing in the Nova Grid

I have heard a lot about the Nova grid which runs on Aurora, for example from Gaga Gracious and Sven Idyll ,  so eventually I decided to check it out again. Yes I did a hypergrid jump to Nova some time ago.

“Aurora-Sim is the next generation of the OpenSimulator Project. Aurora-Sim allows you to run large scale operation and extend it as needed, while still having many features available for your use. ” Aurora Sims

It seems exciting and sounds promising but im not sure about the performance. Maybee its me, but most regions I tried seemed offline and I had a hard time to TP. But still It could be me, atm I have a lousy connection =) But thats why i dont have any more picture from my exploring, but ill be back with more I guess.

Edit; I met Enrico in Nova later this day and he said they had a big update so some sims was down. And I also realised my connection was a disaster when i checked the “speed” *sighs* but im back in the city soon so I will continue explore when i have better conditions.

Update again; I came home and started my quad core computer with a high end graphic card and fast connection. This is how i looked after 2 restarts and 5 minutes:

I ended up at the edge of a sim in the water. I couldnt TP. I tried to sit on a chair I saw above me and yay! Success! But i couldnt move. I guess I need to upgrade my hardware. Or downgrade? Or I need a new brain? I just dont get this :]

Anyone else been to Nova…. as Enrico has a offer right now maybee?  ;)


4 Comments to “Landing in the Nova Grid”

  1. I’ve been to Nova a few weeks ago but couldn’t TP anywhere either. To be fair though, I gave up after a few minutes.

    I was going to write a lenghty comment but I’ll post to my own blog instead lol

  2. I was more persistent and tested this on several computers and connections. Still i may have been unlucky of course, I give them the benefit of the doubts so far. But otherwise this could be a good example of that a “free” service may not always be worth the effort. I look forward to your posting Leanna xxxxx

  3. You need Astra viewer really for best performance in Aurora sim but I also think Nova constantly updates to latest dev release which is not recommended for general use. Not sure why they do it. I have the stable release on my server and don’t have the same problems.

    But all that said, Aurora has a long way to go yet but it is very advanced so bugs are everywhere.


    • @Gaga; I appreaciate your comment! I used imprudence to access Nova cos they pointed at that viewer in the posting. I have heard they had their own viewer before but i thought they left it for Imp. So ok maybee I should try another viewer then!

      Good to hear! It sounds exciting indeed. Just if people are going to get a region in Nove they might need a lot of patience. But maybee i was unlucky and by chance logged in at a bad time :)

      I will not give up! // Boomerang Mera :)

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