Everyone brings joy in your life

Dev Develer - Subat 2005 - 4

Dev Develer, Subat 2005

First, look close at the picture. Sometimes, our “problems” seem to be as big as the shadows…but they are much smaller. Dont take the dramaqueens seriously, the just try to look bigger than they are.

And dont forget; Everyone brings joy in your life. Some when they log in… others, when they log out…

Have a lovely day! <3

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3 Comments to “Everyone brings joy in your life”

  1. some people bring joy, some bring herring, and others bring meatballs =)

  2. Aaaaaand the biggest drama queens are usually those who insist they hate drama. Kick back and laugh, they’re fun *giggle*

  3. @Ener; Lets do it all. u bring herring, I bring meatballs and it will be joyful, deal? xxxx
    @Leanna: Very true, its a well known fact :) xxxx

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