The King is dead. Long live the King.

AOL’s vision turned out to be false — everyone went online alright, but they went on the Web, and AOL became just another portal among many. Second Life had the potential to be more than AOL was…” ~ Maria Korolov

AOL was king, Facebook is now. Who will be next?

We are social animals. Anything that improves our ability to connect with others is going to be significant — posted letters, the telephone, email. Text messaging. These technologies allow us to stay connected to people even when we’re apart, and to connect to new people who may currently be beyond our physical reach.” ~ Maria Korolov. This is a long article but very very exciting! Read on; Yes it does have mass appeal

Linden Lab, dont be so cheap. Use a good commercial agency to show off your product. You can afford it. And listen to what Maria is saying…


32 Comments to “The King is dead. Long live the King.”

  1. Im sorry to have to be the wet blanket but if Linden Lab starts to mass advertise now it will fail and fail badly.
    This for one reason and one reason only: Second Life can not scale. It never could and at this time it never will.
    Linden Lab needs to stabilise the grid and once that is done they need to make it scalable combined with stability.
    It dont matter if it has a steep learning curve at the moment cos if Second Life gets a mass influx it will go down and lag will make sure that people cant move or do simple basic things like accessing their inventories, teleport etc.
    That will make new people leave faster than they are now and the adoption will take even longer.
    Ive been in Second Life for a very long time and I know people that has been there even longer and I remember times where we had a mass logins and it was shear hell to move around and that was only in the tenthousands for a few hours, imagine if Second life had that per day every hour … no Im sorry but as long as Linden Lab refuses to see reason on several .. heck on every level… it wont work.

    • @Lady; Of course I agree they need to fix one or two things first ;) Still the media hype earlier was good for Second Life and a little careful marketing wouldnt hurt im sure. First and foremost they need to clean up SLs reputation…. Nowadays the grid is invicible. But otherwise I agree in what you say.
      Have a wonderful 2012 my little wet blanket xxxxx :))

  2. I have to agree with Lady.
    Basically, Second Life has the potential to be a “mainstream product”. LL has the resources to make it more appealing to the masses. But somewhere down the line they have failed and to make their product better, so it would indeed appeal to the masses, is going to take quite some time. Although they *could* make it better, I just don’t understand why they don’t want to. This is what it looks like to me, as if they don’t want to improve their product.
    Even though a lot of people say Second Life is not a game I have to compare it to a game.
    Look at Skyrim. Look at the graphics. Then log in to SL and cry. SL *could* be all that – and more.

    • @Leanna; I agree and I dont agree. What i dont agree with is that you compare the Metaverse to a game like Skyrim. You cant build in Skyrim as you can in opensim and SL. That is a difference and therefore you cant have the same graphic.

      Im sure the quality of the graphic isnt SLs problem at all. The graphic is good enough! Thera are a lot of successfull games with worse graphic. No its as Lady says, the lag when there is too many avies at one place, the group chat doesnt work and we have chatlag and such. It must also be easier for a newbie to find stuff but i think the new V3 viewern almost solved this problem…

      I dont cry, I think SL and opensim are beatyful and yes i have seen Skyrim and It leaves me cold :)

      • No no, I don’t say graphics in SL are bad because they aren’t. The possibilities are there!
        And yes, we can build in VWs which is why I spend most of my there instead of playing games :P

  3. eta: And to play games like skyrim I don’t need a state of the art machine. Sure, better machine makes for a better experience but not everything can be blamed on outdated machines.

    • Leanna; but in Skyrim you only “plays with yourself” But that could maybee be hot stuff ;)

      • Well yes. But still, there are MMORPG that are more advanced than SL.
        My best friend’s son is a huge WOW fan so one day I just watched for a few minutes and I was pretty amazed. Then I showed him SL, he rather liked it but overall he was complaining about the lag.
        A party with 40 people on SL I could hardly move. Same party on IW and it’s fine. So it *can* be done. And I’m not sure the lag I experienced on SL was entirely client side

        • I have that lag with part 3 clients but a lot less with SLs own viewer V3. I have also seen wow but you cant really compare apples with bananas…. its not about the graphic. The metaverse is not a level game, its another parallell universe.

          • Well, dunno if it’s really apples and bananas (I like both :P ) but if people want SL to be appeal to the masses…stuff like WOW has more devoted fans than SL
            Re V3: Some people have less lag, others have more lag with different viewers. There’s no one viewer fits all solution.

            • Thanks for commenting Leanna i love a debate! <3
              Yes most ppl finds it easier to play a game that tells you what to do all the time. To think by yourself entirely may not attract them as much. Most ppl want someone to tell them what to do. They need a leader to feel comfy.

              But if a million flies says -Shit tastes good. Do you eat shit cos ot that? :P

              There are still a lot of people out there that hasnt discovered The Metaverse yet cos they dont know about it or has predudices. ppl like you and me that can think by themselves and create their own world. We need to reach out to them. We dont need level game players, we need intelligent, independent, creative people with imagination.

              • lulz.
                I’m just really really “urgh” about the whole comparing SL to AOL because wtf? That is a bit like comparing apples and bananas. And I’m a bit adverse to stressing the social aspect of SL too much.
                Yes, it is absolutely great to be able to connect with people from all over the world, from every walk of life. I love it!
                But. If SL was only about the social aspect, if they stress the social aspect above everything else…that’s a little sad.
                As I said earlier, the possibilities for creative people are great and personally, I would like to see the lab pay more attention to that aspect. Or SL will indeed be not much more than facebook.

                • I agree Leanna; I seldom goes to parties, im not that social either. I like to chat with some genuine friends thats all. But I like to build and explore also and i hope they wont make it difficult to create stuff inworld. Mesh worries me a bit…

                  .I dont just want to have a fancy house with fancy stuff inside and socialize the rest of the time. Some ppl only wants that and that´s fine. We are different and I hope we can continue to be so.

  4. remember LL’s MotD? for a cheap $7,500 USD you could have heavily censored 100 words on the logon screen for one 7.5 hour period during the day for one and a bargain of $4.500 for one night?

    the heck with the King, the Queen is the supreme ruler! =)

  5. “plays with yourself” – umm, you don’t need a PC for that! =p

  6. @Ener; LMFAO and agrees :}

  7. I dont feel the need for better graphic than this <3

    faster rezz yes but the quality is good enough for me :)

  8. I will reply to both Lady and Leanna:

    Yes, SL doesn’t scale and has problems, but a lot of that is the Lab’s own fault. They’ve bitten the golden dust of trying to monetize a half-baked product. Really, from my travels in the early VWs of the 90s, I am somewhat shocked at the level of UN-progress I see in SL sometimes. LL has not put in the sweat under the hood for a long time; you can read several good blogs about that going back a few years. VR is a new tech that needs work to make it work, and marketing has taken over where work should be.

    As far as games like Skyrim go – the texture handling and lighting could teach LL a lot. You can, in fact, build in games, particularly the Elder Scrolls series; that is why there are over 1000 user-built mods, new weaponry, mods to change the weather, insert custom NPCs and program them, create new powers, create new clothes… the list is endless, believe me.

    It is the reason the whole series, from Morrowind onward, is so popular and has kept going so long (Morrowind is a game from 2002; some people play Daggerfall, which was released in 1996!) In fact, many people introduced to TES through Oblivion have gone back and bought the 8 games in the series preceeding it just because it is open-moddable and playable, the whole series has thought and depth, a unifying storyline and great graphics (with the mods addons) This is because Bethesda understands their market and has embraced the modding/gaming community, the creativity of its users and seen the value of collaborative effort.

    BTW, I do not have a “state of the art” machine. My specs: Intel Core 2 @4400, 2GB RAM, 5400rpm hard disk. nVidia GeForce 9600 GSO SE 1024mb graphics; I am playing Skyrim just fine.

    • THIS is what I was trying to say *snort*. Miso is just better at explaining (and has much more understanding for the tech behind games and VR)
      We talked about the texture handling. And I *think* IW’s tech god is working on that (but I’m not sure so don’t quote me on that *eyedart* )

  9. OK, had enough coffee now to try to be clearer:

    The reason Skyrim (and Oblivion before it) was so highly-anticipated is because early on, Bethesda embraced its user community; they listened to feedback, they asked questions, they integrated design choices based on feedback from their userbase and they encouraged and allowed that userbase to explore and create inside the code, building a huge trust and goodwill relationship with their users.

    This has not only kept their older games alive but has caused Bethesda in some cases to thank the community for possible directions and ideas submitted by them and later incorporated into the next game or in patches.

    This is something LL could learn from Bethesda; it is something many of us have been trying to tell LL for a long time now. I’ve seen some incredible unpaid work from some really smart people on the JIRAs for awhile now; wasting that resource is a facepalm. New signups don’t mean a damned thing if you can’t retain them. Etc. Etc., the same issues being brought up year after year.

    • I agree in that Linden Lab seem greedy. They just want to earn money with as little effort as possible and that, of course, is self bashing in the end. A company has to evolve all the time to stay on top and they have been lazy.

      Still, When i logged in first time in Second Life, that feeling is not possible to describe. I loved it from my first steps as “girl next door” Kranfel. Even though some of the old avies (1 year older…;) in Second Sweden wasnt that happy to see me I persisted. I often sat alone in Hawaii and tried to read notecards and blogs to learn about this new world as I had no mentor for a very long time :)

      But i have also tried to play sims, wow and Entropia and I have looked hard at Skyrim and they all leave me cold as a dead fish. Im weird i know but I cant be the only one?

      I just so want the Metaverse to succeed and I feel SL is an important player here even if OpenSim is awesome.

      I appreaciate all your intelligent and insightful comments. I only wish Linden Lab would listen… My nightmare is seeing myself sitting and playing a Zynga game or even Skyrim, when the Metaverse is no more. :)
      Hugsss! xxxxxxxxx

  10. ok you three …. comparing games worlds to virtual worlds is like comparing a one art style to another …
    Games is at one end of the spectrum virtual worlds is at another.
    Virtual worlds are so much more complex and it seperates it self by being build by its users = amateurs (and a few more in the pro ) Games have platforms designed by professionals and therefor they can and do focus on fast rendering and lag is like a forreign language and if you have it you can be damned sure its on your end.

    I always loathe comparing games with virtual worlds cos its just not logical …

    So go to your corners and lets do this again ;)

    Yes Miso, SL can not scale and that is solely Linden Labs fault and no others. Their resposibility is on the server ends and they have ben neglecting that for years now … maybe even from the beginning. That is why they cannot afford to advertise now on a more agressiv way. It will never do they need to get the focus on the platform and not getting distracted with gamifying, land dealings, etc etc etc. We have told them that for years and years as you know ;) but they refuse to listen and that might well be the thing that will be their down fall in the end.

    Problem is that they got investors in and those investors are in it for one reason and that is …. profit …. they do not care about visions or future internet bla bla yada yada. They invested money and they want their returns so Linden Lab is in a bad fix cos they cant do both at present

    • Lady Thanks!! Thats what i have been trying to say all the time. The Metaverse is unique, its not possible to compare to a simple (YESH!) level game as for example Skyrim (oh that felt good ;)

      Dont scare me to death Lady. The Metaverse HAS to survive!! *snifffs and needs a comforting cuddle* someone?

      • dont cry Mera .. The Metaverse will survive but Im affraid it wont be thanks to Linden Lab.

        Linden Lab is moving further and further away from their “mission” the vision that Philip had is dying (or already dead?) in Linden Lab and frankly I wouldnt be suprised if Philip himslef is sick to death of Linden Lab and the fights with the damned investors that dont know what the hell they are destroying due to their greed.

        So the metaverse wil survive but it will be due to Open Sim and Linden Labs legacy wil be that they opend the doors to that before pulling back and abandoning the vision
        Dont forget who it was that dreamt up the virtual world and even the hypergrid

  11. I am not comparing apples and oranges. I am saying that the texture handling and lighting abilities have been there for years; Kirsten’s viewer proved that. I am saying that virtual artists could learn a whole lot from observing textures in Skyrim; a lot of the world is not mesh, or objects but incredible texturing art. I am also saying that a HUGE problem for LL is their relationship to their userbase and offered Bethesda’s model as a counterweight. I think the arguments and illustrations do apply quite well to virtual worlds.

    • I completely agree with your views . but re the texturing that will not happen …ok maybe in 10 – 20 – 30 years from now
      Re Linden Labs relationship with their userbase I couldnt agree more .. its horrific how they ignore adult, profesional people that are offering their expertise, for free nontheless. It would be laughable if it wasnt so sad

  12. Take a “game” like Freelancer: up to 20 people on a server, all chatting/exchanging custom-built ships, mods, missions, squadrons, or the 800-lb gorilla, EVE Online. Compare Blizzard’s closed-model to Bethesda’s open one and see how much wider a market segment Bethesda has because of it. There are tremendous interactive communities for games now; this is what it’s about. LL has decided to pussyfoot and keep one foot in each camp and I think that keeps them ineffective and wastes all their own marketing “strategy.”

  13. @Lady I hope so. Still its a shame that a huge world like SL isnt getting the chanse it deserves due to greedy investors :(

    @Miso; no i agree and yes i was teasing also ( I cant refrain from it god help me!) So let us forget Skyrim now and bury it deep down in oblivion. I dont want u 2 to abandon me for some silly level game! Hugss! =)

  14. Miso: Yes I saw that kind of community in Entropia too….. i agree

    Lady; True, that is a very very good saying

    Leanna; /me still hiding in the outback of Opensim as you see <—- not online. Catch me if you can ;)

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