2012 day 1

I spent my last hour both in RL and in SL this new years eve. I have the flu irl so this was enough. I attended the masquerade ball in Antiquity Cambridge. It was a wonderful ball and a lot of people on the sim. I have a really bad connection irl so i had to lower my graphic. Still with the V3 viewer I was able to attend the ball and walk around! Its amazing.

With imprudence or Firestorm this is not possible for me anyhoo. V3 saves a lot of CPU power and uses the computer resources more effectively. Yay for that!

The firework was amazing!! Im impressed. SL is a wonderful place when at its best like this. You can always meet nice people even if you are sick irl and cant attend any rl event you have this amazing place.

This morning i spent with some wonderful friends at my home in SL while drinking morning coffee irl. I love my virtual life and my real life and I will continue like this and try to maintain a balance between the worlds <3

As my connection is bad I cant visit inWorldz a lot cos i have too much lag. OsGrid is easier but SL is best with this V3 viewer.

I hope you all had a wonderful New Year eve and I also hope this year will be a better year than 2011….I need to work on my RL and I will succeed, thats a promise to myself :) Hugs!!


9 Comments to “2012 day 1”

  1. Mera in a ballgown! You look stunning!
    Happy New Year, my friend xxx

    • OH thanks sweetiepie!! But I felt really awkward and couldnt wait to rip it off when i came home again. I need to practise more :P Happy New Year lovely friend xxxxx

  2. Oh Mera! What a grand event that looked like! And you look so beautiful in your gown! It’s simply beautiful, clean lines, not too poofy.. not overstated… and I love how it shows off your tatts. All the beautiful gowns and people dressed up to celebrate! And the Fireworks… oh my! What a great way to say farewell and thank you to the old year passing, and look forward with bright hopes to the new one! Happy New Year Mera! *Hugs!*

  3. Spent the evening in RL with RL ppl..

    Hope for a good 2012 and a quick recovery from that blasted flu.


  4. @Boudica; lol thanks! I couldnt bring myself to remove my tats. Removing tail and ears was bad enough ;) I know its not appropriate but I can only do so much :) Have the best year ever sweet Boudica! <3

    @Erestor: I was fortunate enough to have loving people both in RL and SL around me this new year eve. Its good to hear from you and i wish u an amazing 2012 <3

  5. Hi Mera.
    You are shining more than fireworks !!
    You look Gorgeous !!

    It is said that sleeping with the “picture of Shichifukujin (the seven deities of good fortune) on Takarabune (treasure ship) ” under your pillow on January second would make you happy with auspicious the first dream in the New Year ( in JAPAN ) .

    I wish you a prosperous new year in SL !
    Best wishes throughout the new year in RL !!

    • oh how kind of you!! xxxx I would like to sleep with that pic under my pillow, i need happy dreams :)

      I wish you a wonderful year 2012 in all worlds!

  6. Mera :).. Happy New Year.. belated..lol.. Wish you all the love, happiness and health in 2012 and forever!.. And you look wonderful in a gown :D.. get well soon ok? Muaahhh…

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