A new happy virtual year is waiting for us

A Zynga videogame (pic Andromeda Media Group)

Yes I prefer to believe that. But what will happen to our virtual worlds, who will thrive and who will survive? Some people have started to call Linden Lab  “a Zynga wannabee” and that worries me. I hope they are wrong. Those insignificant small videogames is nothing compared to the metaverse. If they add value, fine. But I dont wanna see that them take over. We have enough stupid games like this already (sorry me bitching).

The wonderful Metaverse (pic http://vagabond7777.wordpress.com/)

So will people have faith in Rodvik and Second Life or will inWorldz and other grids continue to nibble on SL userbase? The stat dont seem that bad for SL: statistics.

soror nishi has faith in inWorldz:

This from last year…”So, if I have any prediction for 2011, apart from mesh falling flat and browser-based SL being a flop, it is that IWz slowly jogs past SL while it is asleep (or farming bunnies), like the tortoise and the hare.”

Read on in soror nishi blog

I like inWorldz a lot but I do not want SL to fail. inWorldz is just another grid with standalone sims atm and I would miss Second Lifes mainland a lot if it disappeared. Both are necessary in their own way. So please Linden Lab, dont try to be another boring video game producer! Have faith in your product and develop it further instead. Be a success in what you do best instead of being mediocre in the pile of other vide game producers.

A niche product is often a stabile product who has faithful costumers (if you treat them good). It can be dangerous to diversify too much…sometimes companies looses it all when they try to take a bigger bite than they actually are capable of. The video game competition is devastating and LL risk to end up a little and insignificant player in it instead of being awesome as kings in the Metaverse.

But, Linden Lab, you need to fix the “first hour experience” and produce some decent PR and commercials about Second Life. Lobbying journalists with interesting content and wash off the bad reputation SL has gotten earlier. You can do it!

My own goals for the next year is just to try to take good care of myself and my friends (<3 u)

Thank you all readers who has been following this blog and I wish you a very Happy New Year in all worlds!


8 Comments to “A new happy virtual year is waiting for us”

  1. It is good to see you so committed to all worlds Mera, May they all survive, each has its own part to play.

    May you have all that you wish for in 2012 but above all may health and happiness be yours and all your followers.
    Hugs – Anna

  2. Happy new one to you to! Hugs!

  3. Thank you very much for everything last year.
    I think that I would like to be able to see you in SL next year.

    Best Wishes for the New Year !
    Happy holidays !

    • Vagabond; Yes I would like that! Please add me in SL, Vesper Kling (display name Mera Kranfel). I love your blog, wonderful pictures and you inspire me to visit new places. Have a wonderful New Year!

  4. Anna & Erestor; Happines and prosperity i wish for you. I wish you the best New Year ever <3

  5. Happy New Year in this world also:))

  6. Happy new year!

  7. @Apmel & @Sven; Thanks a lot and i wish you the best 2012 (in all worlds :)

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