How to remove a skirt

I know there are a lot of different viewers around in Virtual worlds. I dont know which one you use but i obviously got The Facepalm Viewer:

–  Vesper/Mera: lost some items?
–  Leanna: O_O
–  Leanna: it’s…what I’m wearing
–  Vesper/Mera: you aint wearing any skirt or hair
Vesper/Mera grins
–  Leanna: liar
Vesper/Mera is taking thousands of pics
–  Leanna: I can see on the very same pic that I AM wearing my clothes
–  AlexHayden: You’re terrible Mera :)
–  Vesper/Mera: whaa?? Alex??
–  Vesper/Mera: im innocent!
–  AlexHayden: Of course you are….
–  Leanna: thanks! >:(
–  Leanna: it’s your pixie viewer
–  Vesper/Mera: =))
–  Leanna: yes updates tend to do weird stuff
–  Leanna: I am not naked anyway
–  Vesper/Mera: yes or my connection
–  Leanna: everything else is wishful thinking/nightmare…depending o your take on it
–  AlexHayden: :)

–  Vesper/Mera: well it should be easy to remove a primskirt
–  Vesper/Mera: in the advanced menu
–  Leanna: so that’s what you’re doing all the time???
–  Vesper/Mera: =))
–  AlexHayden: Lol! I’ve missed this..
–  Vesper/Mera: well maybee not
–  Vesper/Mera: in rendering types you can remove different items
–  Vesper/Mera: but maybee not worn skirts sorry to say :(
–  Vesper/Mera: it was just a dream…
–  Vesper/Mera: ;)
–  Vesper/Mera: i often removes stuff when im terraforming
–  Vesper/Mera: but never tried skirts
–  Leanna: stop explaining :D
–  Vesper/Mera: but im sure somewhere in the advanced menu its possible :P
–  AlexHayden: Guilty… :)
–  Vesper/Mera: ㋡
–  Vesper/Mera: you have a place here Alex?
–  Leanna: what was that about changing subjects again, Mera??
–  Vesper/Mera: ㋡


2 Comments to “How to remove a skirt”

  1. LOL!
    I like how my ear is poking out of my hair, haha XD

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