Time to worry?

There has been a lot of rumours for a while regarding the future of Second Life when LL now seems to want to focus on other products beside their so far main product “Second Life”. I dont know how this will affect Second Life but I guess LL has come to the conclusion that the technique is too old and they dont believe they can develop it further.

Though if they want to continue running Second Life these rumours are very very dangerous. They can have the affect that ppl becomes cautious and dont dare investing in the grid any longer and the grid will decline faster. So if LL wants to earn some more bucks out of Second Life, now is the time to make a statement. They have to reassure their userbase some how that they wont abandon them. That they wont make Second Life their #2 priority with very few updates and even more simstacking than now.

Me myself i can not atm see any other world which interests me other than SL or OpenSim. I tried Twinity and it sucks big time. Farmville? Argghh! I wont play that even if you point a gun to my head :]

I dont think Opensim will run any good either without SL. SL is the cradle and necessary to hold up the userbase for opensim too. Still I get very cautious when I hear a lot of rumours like this and loose a bit of faith. This decreases my inclination to get more land in SL for example. And im just 1 person. But things like this can spread fast, through blogs like this one. So LL, shape up or you´ll loose even more….

Here are some links regarding this matter:

NWN: Linden Lab to end era…

CNN: The end of Second Life

Ener Hax; Second Life is almost dead.. again

Apmel: in Swedish “ingen julklapp...”

Sven Idyll: in Swedish “Tänk om…

Lindal Kidd: Running out of hardware

More positive:

Marxs: SL is not closing 2012


7 Responses to “Time to worry?”

  1. Second Life is and will be the world that I keep coming back to… The Swedish saying “gammal är äldst” (rough translation: old is the oldest) is most suitable here…

    No shadows on Opensim or InWorldz but SL is the most stable grid, as I see it.

    • Erestor; Yes I do that too. Different grids has different advantages. But no one is as d iversified as Second Life. Its the cradle and its cos of SL we all met <3


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