Second Life sandbox is a dramaqueen

I was happy coz I had eventually built at least a prototype of a small “xxx” I wanted to have on my parcel in Second Life. I had spent weeks in search of a small low prim “lalala” in SL with no luck what so ever. Jeezzus Christ! They are HUGE and too primmy.  Im sure its me, I guess i suck in searching, but still.

So finally I gave up and built a “hmm” in OsGrid where I have more textures and stuff.

I had a nice picture of my build here but i removed it ;)

Its not pretty, I know that and I dont pretend to be a builder, but its only 15 prims and no one but me will be suffering. Anyhoo I can continue work on it in SL (I thought). Yes Ener this build is my goal for 2012 if i survive! If it gets pretty maybee someone else would buy it? =) So head over heels I logged in to SL and a premium sandbox and started uploading the XML files but a not so sexy message hit me in da face……….. NOT ALLOWED TO IMPORT STUFF HERE!!! Or something like that. Dont sweat it LL. Its all legal stuff, my own build, some textures and all is fullperm and allowed to export to multiple grids.

-So why so mean uncle LL? Dont u love me anymore? :´( Mouth corner went down when I saw my precious “hrmmm” with wings on flying away against the horizon. I had not much use of a low prim “xxxx” in OsGrid or inWorldz, it was made exkluxively for SL. Why do they act like this??

I dont know if im illegal, i havent read all small prints sorry but i uploaded it at my own parcel and yay! Success!! My own corrupted parcle had no objections what so ever.

Still I dont understand the LL drama text message to me in their own sandbox… Enlighten a poor gridhopper here please :)

Ds my hairstyle is from Linda Kellie and she also provided me with some necessary sculpties for my build, thanks!!   <3

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4 Comments to “Second Life sandbox is a dramaqueen”

  1. that’s a super cute hair style!!! =)

    bah on LL and their funky smack down message. i am very curious as to what “xxx” is!

    forget SL and do it on your own region in OSGrid! =)

    • @Ener; Ty! <3 And yes I agree, Opensim is easier in most ways. Still I like SL and like to have bits and pieces of me in more than one grid =) And this xxx (I may reveal what it is some day ;) is created low prim to fit a smaller parcel in SL. In opensim i dont have to think about prims ;) I always build in Opensim cos its easier and then i can import it (legally I hope!) to SL :]

  2. bumps your shoulder.. Dont hold out on that secret thingie. I am curious..LOl.. do tell!!

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