Barbed Wire

Leanna has a influence on me. She seems to twist all I say to the worse. So what about my reputation?:

– Leanna: barbed wire??
– Vesper: yes i always used that
– Leanna: you mean like….OW!
– Vesper: bracelets!!
– Vesper: what did u think?
– Leanna: not what you think I thought
– Vesper: i dont even want to think of what u thought of!
– AlexHayden: I’m not even thinking what I think Leanna thought of…
– Leanna: not what you two would’ve thought of :(
– Leanna: aw I’ll just stay quiet lol
– Vesper: grins
– Vesper: too late!
– Leanna: I was confused, I didn’t know if Mera or Vesper wore the barbed wire so
– Leanna: no that just makes it worse >.<
– Leanna: look it’s snowing!!!!
– Vesper: giggles
– Vesper: dont try to change subject ;)


2 Comments to “Barbed Wire”

  1. I’m running out of sighs :(

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